Friday , January 27 2023


Hyderabad Dec18 (PMI): Naseran-e-Aza-e-Shahzadi-e-Kounains.a and Khanvada-e-Hasan Raza to organize Majalis in accordance with martyrdom of Lady Fatimas.a from 21st December to 26th December at Baitul Qayama.t.f in which Moulana Abbas Irshad Saheb Qibla an International known, famous and well known Zakir-e-Ahlebaita.s in Hyderabad City is invited to address the Majalis-e-Aza Shadat-e-Shahzadi-e- Kounains.a. In past few years Moulana Abbas Irshad Qibla had been addressed Majalis-e-Aza during the month of Shawwal on the invitation of Moulana Syed Massod-ul-Hasan Razvi @ Syed Kaukab Hasan Razvi Qibla and others.

The City of Hyderabad is famous as Shahr-e-Vila-e-Alia.s wo Aza-e-Hussaina.s and last few years it is also known for organizing Majalis-e-Aza of Syeda Fatemat-uz-Zehras.a as a large number of Majalis-e-Aza Shahadat-e-Janab-e-Fatemat-uz-Zehras.a being organized by the momineen of Hyderabad during Ayyam-e-Fatemis.a from 11th Jamidi-ul-Awwal to 3rd Jamadi-us-Sani.

Markazi Majalis-e- Aza Janab-e-Fatemat-uz-Zehras.a organized by Sons of late Mir Hashim Ali Moosvi (Founder of the Majalise Aza from 11 to 13 Jamadi-ul-Awwal) at Aza Khana-e-Zehras.a Dar-ul-Shifa, Hyderabad. This year also Moulana Urooj-ul- Hassan Qibla has been invited to address these Majalis at Aza Khan-e-Zehrasa. These Majalis are addressed by different prominent Olama, Zakireen, Khutaba every year from other countries and as well as from India. From the beginning a large number of Azadar Momineen wo Mominaat (Mourners) have been attending this Majalis-e-Aza at Aza Khana-e-Zehrasa, Dar-ul-Shifa, Hyderabad and the above said Majalis become Markiza Majalis-e-Aza of Shahzaidi-e-Kounains.a in Hyderabad City.

As per the social media reports Janab Moulana Abbas Irshad Saheb Qibla Lakhnavi  is invited by NASERAN-E-AZA-E-SHAHZADI-E-KOUNAINs.a to address the Majalis-e- Aza-e- Shahadat-e-Janab-e-Syeda Fatemat-uz-Zehras.a from 21st December to 23rd December 2021 corresponding to 16 Jamadi-ul-Awwal to 18 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1443 (H) at 07:30 PM (1930HRS) and another three Majalis-e-Aza will be address by him at Bait-ul-Qayam from 24 December to 26 December 2021 corresponding to 19 to 21st  Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1443 (H) at 07:30 PM (1930HRS) to be organized by KHANVADA-E-HASAN RAZA. (Press Media of India)

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