Sunday , April 2 2023

Modi has shamed the nation by dishonoring SC order: Congress

Hyderabad, Jan.18 (PMI): Congress senior leader and TPCC Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy has strongly condemned Prime Minister Narender Modi for his statement against Kerela Government over the Sabarimala issue.

            “People initially looked at Modi as a Prime Minister who was once a RSS Pracharak. But with his controversial statement against Kerela’s LDF Government, Modi has proved that he is ‘RSS Pracharak’ who also happens to be the Prime Minister of India,” Narayana Reddy said in a media statement on Friday.

            Reddy said that the PM Modi’s statement accusing Kerela’s CPI (M) Government of not respecting spirituality and religion was highly condemnable. He said PM Modi did not realise that the Kerela Government was only following the Constitution by implementing the orders of the Supreme Court on Sabarimala. “PM Modi and BJP never showed any respect for the Constitution and they target all others who believe in it. This is highly shameful,” he said.

            The Congress leader reminded that Modi has taken oath on the Constitution of India and he must learn to respect it. “PM’s attack on Kerela Government was nothing but a direct assault on Constitution and Supreme Court. Is he trying to convey that the Supreme Court’s order on Sabarimala was wrong? Is he giving a message that any government that implements the Supreme Court orders will be prone to attack by him and other RSS functionaries,” he said.

            Narayana Reddy said it was highly regrettable that despite serving as Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years and Prime Minister of India for almost five years, Narender Modi did not learn to differentiate between a party and government. “A democratically elected government has a duty to implement the Constitution and honour all court orders, irrespective of whether or not they match their party’s ideology. However, by targeting Kerela Government, Modi has wrongly tried to mix politics with government,” he said.

            The Congress leader said that the Supreme Court should take suo moto cognisance and book Modi for contempt of court. “No one is above the law including the Prime Minister. Sparing Modi will set a bad precedent and other people holding top positions will openly criticise the courts and also the governments which implement their orders,” he said.             Narayana Reddy said that the BJP would never succeed in its attempt to make Sabarimala the Ayodhya of South India. (PMI)

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