Tuesday , December 6 2022

Modi govt misleading women on their empowerment: Kavitha

Hyderabad, June 10 (PMI): Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha said the BJP government at the Centre government should stop its publicity campaign against women empowerment and disclose facts to the nation.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, the MLC, who is often vocal about women’s issues, said that the BJP government at the Centre had done nothing to the welfare of women in the country but it was misleading them with false publicity.

The TRS MLC also demanded the union government to under an apology to Anganwadi workers for slashing their budget by 50 percent.

“Anganwadi workers have protected the village people from COVID-19 pandemic at the cost of their lives and they worked hard to increase nutrition levels among the lacted mothers and children. But, the Modi government has slashed their allocated budget by ignoring their services,” she criticised.

Kavitha asked the Union government to address the spiralling prices of commodities, which directly affects lower middle class women in the country. (PMI)

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