Thursday , September 21 2023

Massive Search for Missing Lady Doctor Sin Vijayawada

Hyderabad,   The disappearance of a young unmarried lady doctor from Vijayawada in Krishna district for the last three days continues to be shrouded in mystery even as special police teams have launched a massive search operations in various places in and around the district.

The parents of the doctor, Suryakumari, had lodged a complaint with the police that their daughter who had left the house three days ago had not returned. It is alleged that the lady doctor was involved in a love affair with one Vidyasagar, son of a former TDP legislator, despite he being married and having two children.

            Investigations so far revealed that Suryakumari was last seen in the house of Vidyasagar and leaving the place late in the night on a scooter. This was revealed from the CCTV footages. The parents of the lady doctor blamed Vidyasagar for her disappearance and alleged that he was hiding her somewhere as both reportedly were planning to get married despite strong objections from both families.

            The police have taken into custody Vidyasagar and interrogating him in this connection. He and his family members have been stoutly denying anything to do with the disappearance of the lady doctor. While he continues to remain in police custody for further investigations, a massive search operations has also been launched.

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