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MASSES’ CURSE ON PEACE OF KARACHI WHICH GOVT CLAIMS 18,760 more crimes including 149-murder, 88-kidnap during 90 days

By Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri {(Bureau Chief Australia), Courtesy Messenger}

MELBOURNE: In continuation of a report of Messenger, published on April 12, 2019, a large number of people from all over the world have said that where, the terrorism, criminalism, barbarism, kidnapism and anti-religionism have become the identity of the city and Karachi known as world worst and most dangerous place while, the country’s former and present rulers, politicians and law enforcing agencies have been declaring that city has become peaceful and crimes have also been controlled, there, how 16,760 criminal happenings including 149-murder, 88-kidnap, snatching of 9,539 mobile phones, motorcycles and vehicles, 2210 armed robberies, 4,912 injuries, 744 child abusing episodes and thousands of other related offences registered ‘on record’?

Masses told Messenger, ‘we curse on this type of peace’ which anti-masses elements seem in Karachi and it has been proved now, that the claimers are not only the real terrorists but they all must be taken into custody from not only across the country but also from all over the world and hanged by the victim families on public places in broad daylight. Masses further said those claim that ‘Karachi has become peaceful’ have buttons instead of eyes while they have brains full of grassy bras and negative mindset. Masses emphasized that those believe in such type of peace of Karachi which is spread by the ‘security agencies, politicians, intellectuals, pay-rolled foreign agents and other so-called authorities’ through ‘fake institutional press releases, bureaucratic statements, organizational handouts, incorrect official data, false administrative figures and governmental disinformation by private and legislative print and electronic. They further stated that now, the mindset of people has been changed and world has become a global village because of new and dynamic scientific inventions and information technology that’s why neither Pakistanis nor foreigners accept this type of joke which they enjoy in the 1980s. Masses uncovered their severe grievances against those, they trust in such type of absolute ‘executive wrongdoings’ and still consider, claim and argue disinformation. Masses warned all those ‘Pakistanis and foreigners’ indulged in intimidation or have been declared as “real terrorists” after the publication of Messenger’s Research Report’ that if they will not change their attitude, behaviour, mindset, approach and conduct, they would have to face severe consequences not only in Pakistan but also all over the world and they all would have to answer too regarding their jobs assignments, occupations, decisions and pronouncements whether they hide themselves anywhere across the world soon because an “International Force” is being established in this connection which would be supervised from Landhi directly.

They also said that neither any media group published any report like Messenger published nor any media outlet announced a reward of one hundred million dollar in the world journalistic history which shows the credibility of the newspaper and during the three days ultimatum, none of one ‘declared terrorist’ in all public and private (official and unofficial) claimers across the world could challenge the said research report

The masses further maintained that all the credit goes to the Messenger because neither in the world journalistic history nor anywhere else any report could be published yet like Messenger issued that’s why not only Pakistanis live in Australia, America, United Kingdom, Canada and other African, Asian, European, Arab and other regions of the globe but also from Pakistan particularly from Karachi and Quetta responded and appreciated Messenger with high remarks and best wishes.

On the other hand, after the publication of said research report, the ‘declared national and international terrorists’, pundits, ‘authorities’, politicians, criminals, banned and open terror organizations and many other ‘missionaries ‘ have started threatening, blackmailing, pressurizing, deporting, kidnapping and forcing to keep silence along with many other routine menacing to the Messenger as well as ‘this correspondent’ not in Australia but also from Pakistan like they did earlier many times while, all social media accounts, email IDs and mobile phone numbers of ‘this correspondent’ have also hacked and blocked since the publication of the said report.

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