Thursday , August 11 2022

Know the reasons for changing school, know the new rules of CBSE

In order to directly enroll the child in the 10th and 12th, the parents will now have to tell the reason. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released stringent instructions for students from class 10th and 12th from any other school after reading from 9th and 11th. Also, the date of application has been reduced to about one and a half months. Earlier, where applications were made till 31st August, the deadline for application has been fixed till July 15.

The Board has mentioned the change in the school under eight categories in the notification. Also, it has demanded certificates for its justifiable reasons. For more information, the student or guardian can visit the CBSE website.

Dr. Bansam Bhardwaj, the board administrator of the examination told that there are several different reasons for changing the school. The main reasons for which schools change, we have given the details. Apart from this, we have also asked for relevant documents for adequate reasons on changing the school, to find out what the student is changing the school.

Apart from this, we also have asked the schools to send the details of all new students together within the stipulated date. Regarding reducing the deadline for the application, he says that after the admission in July, the student will get enough time to read.

Major Reasons for Change 
-To transfer parental 
To change the place by family 
-Hostal recruitment 
-After going from Hostal to second place 
-Failed for a reason 
-For better education 
-While the distance between the school and the house 
-If medical needs occur

Certificate Required 
– On transfer of guard: The letter of the guardian, enrollment number of the student’s previous class, last year’s report card, provincial transfer certificate, guardian transfer letter where they have joined. 
– On changing the place: Housing certificates, rent agreement 
-Hostle shift or going from hostel to second place: its fees, bank transactions of fees 
-Application: Student’s old serial number, numeric, besides authentic documents must also be given. 
– For admission to second school enrollment: The student will have to give his old report card. 
In case of distance from the school: An affidavit of the guardian is necessary. It says that how many kilometers is the distance from the school to the school. 
In medical position: It is necessary to give medical certificate.

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