Thursday , September 29 2022

KCR slams Centre, SC on reservations

Hyderabad, Dec.11 (PMI): TRS supremo and caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today slammed the BJP Government at the Centre and the Supreme Court for denying 12 per cent reservations to Muslim minorities and the Scheduled Castes. He expressed his displeasure at them for stoutly denying the push to the Minorities and STs, who need support from the government. After all the States need differed schemes and programs which the Centre has to honour instead of insulting the people, he told the at Telangana Bhavan.
KCR said he informed noted journalists like Rajdep Sardesai, Prannoy Roy and Shekhar Gupta about fragile environment created by the Congress-led opportunistic alliance in the polls. “We got clear mandate of more than 84 seats and will come up with new agenda for all-round development. The Congress Mutami a launched a misinformation campaign that was scornfully  rejected by the people of the State by giving mandate for the ruling party. He also alleged that the Congress or BJP governments at the Centre were doing rubbish and seeking supremacy on education, health and other schemes in the States. The States require only need-based support in sectors like education, health, agriculture and industry. “Why there is terrorism and naxalism in the country and  who is responsible for this. The Centre should take steps to address them”, he added.
“Why the Centre deny 12 per cent reservations to the Muslims and STs. It is just arrogance and headstrong of the Congress and BJP which should be rejected by the people. Supreme Court was giving verdicts as the Centre was not able to address the issues. As part of national politics, TRS will meddle in the AP politics”, he said, adding that they have received over one lakh phone calls from that State to play a role there. Who is Chandrababu for having a sort of madness and got up with Modi government and encashed the things and snapped ties later as the Centre failed to accord special status and others to Andhra Pradesh.

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