Thursday , December 1 2022

Iran ready to work with UN for Int’l peace: Raisi


TEHRAN: The president of Iran expressed the country’s readiness to use its regional capacities in cooperation with the United Nations to contribute to regional and international peace and welfare.

On Monday evening, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had a telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

In response to the UN chief’s appreciation for Iran’s goodwill in releasing two prisoners, the president said, “This is proof of goodwill and the interactive approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to solve issues and problems.”

On the efforts for the extension of the ceasefire in Yemen, the Iranian president stated, “Iran has always emphasized on lifting the blockade and establishing a ceasefire in Yemen and trying to resolve the crisis through Yemeni-Yemeni dialogues and understanding without foreign interference in this country, and your colleagues at the United Nations confirm this.”

“I hope that with your efforts, Saudi Arabia will fulfill its commitments to stop the attacks on Yemen and will be persuaded to solve the problems of this country with the participation of the Yemenis themselves to let the people of Yemen determine their own future,” Raisi told Guterres, according to the president’s website.

He also noted that Iran is ready to use its diverse and effective capacities to solve regional and global issues.

For his part, the UN chief appreciated the good opinion and humanitarian and interactive approach of Iran in solving regional and global issues, adding, “It was a great honor for me to host you. In that meeting, we had important discussions, and I understood the concerns of the Islamic Republic regarding global issues very well.”

He also assured the president of Iran that he will use all his efforts to persuade Saudi Arabia to stop attacks on Yemen and to try to resolve the crisis through dialogue between different Yemeni groups.

Guterres stated, “I hope we can create a new political structure in a region that has a special and ancient place in human civilization with the participation of Iran, which has a history of several thousand years of civilization.” (Tasnim News)

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