Sunday , November 27 2022

Hyderabad cityPolice seek Juvenile Board to consider minor accused as majors’Jubilee Hills rape case

Hyderabad’June o9 2022-The Hyderabad city police made a sensational decision in the Jubilee hills minor rape case. Police have asked the Juvenile Justice Board to consider the rape accused as majors during the trial. Hyderabad police have appealed to the Juvenile Justice to treat the five as adults during the trial after the charge sheet is filed. However, the Juvenile Board’s decision is final on who would take the call taking into account the mental state of the minors and their ability to commit a crime. However, it is known that minors will be transferred from a juvenile home to a normal jail after the age of 21.
Police have taken the Jubilee Hills minor rape case investigation into consideration. Police have collected several pieces of evidence related to the case. In this context, the police informed the Juvenile Board that the four minors arrested in the case should be considered majors to probe them. All the accused were said to be majors by the time the charge sheet was filed.
The police wrote a letter to the Juvenile Board asking them to consider the accused as majors so that they could be fully investigated and punished. The decision of the Juvenile Board on this matter has now become crucial. Meanwhile, Jubilee Hills police have reached Chanchalguda jail to take the accused (Major) into custody in the case. The main accused, Saduddin Malik, was taken into police custody and shifted to Jubilee Hills Police Station. The accused will be questioned by the police for 4 days. The ACP said that five other minors at the Juvenile Home would also be investigated in connection with the same incident and were awaiting court approval

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