Thursday , July 29 2021


Hyderabad: June 15 ( PMI ) On 12.06.2021 at about 11-00 hrs received information was received regarding a male dead body aged about 20-25 yrs found in a pool of blood with the injuries over his body, on the 3rd floor of a under construction building at Asha Talkies, Shahalibanda, Hyderabad. The deceased was identified as Syed Zubair Ali @ Kachra Zubair. The complainant Syed Munawar Ali(brother of the deceased)  suspected that friends of his brother namely Salam, Tariq, Muzaffar and some others might have killed his brother as his brother had quarrelled with them earlier several times.

Details of the Deceased:

Syed Zubair Ali @ Kachra Zubair, age:  22 yrs, Occ: Fruit Vendor, R/o Bahadurpura, Hyderabad.

Details of Accused:

A-1. Salam Bin Abdullah Basloom @ Salam S/o Naser Bin Abdullah Basloom, age: 23 yrs, Occ: Worker at Cloths Shop R/o Quzipura, Fathedarwaza, Hyderabad.

A-2 Mohd. Muzaffer Ali Khan S/o Mohd. Rahmath Ali Khan, age: 19 yrs, Occ: Worker at Cloths Shop, R/o Quzipura, Fathedarwaza, Hyderabad.

A-3 Tariq Ali @ Tariq, S/o Ali Bin Abdullah, aged: 19 yrs, Occ: Daily Wage Earner, R/ Chandrayanagutta, Hyderabad.

The deceased and accused A1 and A3 are friends and are known to each other and used to move together and consume liquor. A1 Salam Bin Abdullah Basloom was involved in property offences and was arrested from in Police Stations of Hyderabad city and was sent to Jail. A2 Tariq also has a past criminal record. The A1 Salam suspected that the deceased Zubair gave information to the police and got him arrested in the above cases and also suspected  that Zubair was posting bad offensive comments on social media and is making bad propaganda against him in the area, due to which Salam decided to kill the Zubeir Ali, and same was informed to A2 Tareeq Bin Ali and A3 Muzaffer to assist him.  As per their plan, On 12-06-2021 at midnight, deceased was killed to an under construction building near Asha Takies. After consuming liquor, waiting for the chance, all three accused suddenly attacked the deceased with the knives and left the spot after having conformed his death.  From there A1, A2 and A3 went to Qazipura, A1 and A2 changed there blood stained clothes.  From there all the three accused went to the Shaahin Nagar and took shelter near a Talab.

On 15.6.2021 Hussaini Alam Police apprehended the all the accused and seized weapons used in the commission of offence along with the other material and being produced before the Hon’ble Court

The arrest were done by Sri G. Naresh Kumar, SHO Hussaini Alam P.S, under the supervision of Sri G. Biksham Reddy, I/c ACP, Charminar Div. and Dr. Gajarao Bhupal, IPS, DCP, SZ, Hyderabad.

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