Tuesday , February 7 2023

Foreign forces must leave region: Iran


TEHRAN: Deploring outsiders for upsetting security and creating problems in the region, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the withdrawal of foreign forces will be conducive to regional security.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani in Tehran on Tuesday, the Iranian president said, “Regional security, peace and stability must be ensured by the forces of the region. The presence of outsiders in the region would not create security, but adds to the problems.”

Decrying the US for upsetting security in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, Raisi said the withdrawal of foreign forces will greatly contribute to regional security.

The president also described the Iraqi premier’s visit as a milestone in the relations between Tehran and Baghdad, saying the high-profile negotiations will help the neighbors make great strides in broadening their economic and commercial cooperation.

“From the viewpoint of us and the government of Iraq, regional security, peace and stability are highly significant and fighting against the terrorist groups, organized crimes, drugs, and any source of insecurity threatening the region is among the two countries’ agreements and common will,” Raisi added.

“We the two countries have common views about the bilateral, regional and international relations. Such good relations will definitely result in the promotion of ties at the regional and international levels,” he stated.

For his part, Sudani said he has visited Tehran to talk about the expansion of political and economic relations with Iran and about the latest regional and international developments.

Stressing the need for close cooperation and coordination between the two neighbors in the battle against terrorism, extremism and narcotics, the Iraqi prime minister said, “The security of the two countries is integrated, complementary and inseparable, making part of the security in the entire region.”

Reaffirming his government’s commitment to the Iraqi Constitution, Sudani said Baghdad will not allow any group or party to use the Iraqi territories to harm or disrupt the security of others.

The Iraqi government’s policy rules that the territories of Iraq will never be used as a starting point for harming neighboring states, he underlined. (Tasnim News)

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