Wednesday , November 29 2023

First Pakistani councillor elected in UK’s Salford


LONDON: A British-Pakistani woman has been elected as a councillor in Salford for Higher Irlam and Peel Green.

Mishal Saeed, who is a graduate of the University of Oxford, won by 1,317 votes on Labour Party’s ticket.

Local elections are an important opportunity for residents to make their voices heard regarding local issues and how they want them to be managed.

Saeed, who served in various Pakistani societies during her educational years, said: “It is an honour to have been elected for the role of Councillor, to serve my communities and to improve my city.”

Previously, Mishal served as Student Union President at the University of Salford, where she organized TEDx events and received a Royal seal of approval from the Duke of Edinburgh for her entrepreneurial activities.

“I was humbled to have been selected as the Labour Party candidate by my ward and residents. The Labour Party have an amazing legacy of transforming lives; from founding the NHS to introducing the minimum wage they made a lasting difference to the lives of people across the country.”

Saeed said the Labour Party are well placed to lead the UK with all the challenges facing the country and she was proud to be a part of this movement and contribute positively to making a difference in people’s lives.

She said in her new role, her priorities include mitigating the impact of the cost of living crisis, improving public services, advocating for strict action against crime and antisocial behavior, supporting high-quality jobs in the region, protecting green spaces and the environment and supporting new developments in the region.

“These are the issues that matter to people. I will work hard to enhance the lives of residents.”

“I will defend worker’s rights and fight injustice, inequality and discrimination wherever it exists. As an alumnus of Lahore Grammar School and Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore, I would like to thank my many teachers and mentors in Pakistan who equipped me with the leadership and critical thinking skills which have been instrumental in my journey to public office.” (Geo News)

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