Friday , September 30 2022

Fasting Ponnam arrested, admitted to hospital

Karimnagqar,  Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar, who was fast-unto-death for a medical college at the district headquarters, was arrested this Tuesday morning. He was whisked away to KarimnagarGovernment Hospital.

            As Ponnam’s health was deteriorating, doctors on Monday examined him and stated that the hunger strike may affect his kidneys and heart if he continued fast further. Responding to doctor’s statement, the State government asked the police to put an end to Ponnam’s fast. When police took Prabhakar into custody, the Congress leaders staged protest against the government disrupting the hunger strike and arrest of Prabhakar. But the former MP told media that he would continue his fast even in the hospital till the government gave an assurance on setting up medical college in Karimnagar.


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