Wednesday , October 5 2022

Efforts to bring organ transplantation to reach common man: Ch Vidyasagar Rao

Chennai,   Tamil Nadu governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao emphasized need of joint effort to bring organ transplantation within the reach of common man as it has required lakh of rupees for organ transplantation.

            Addressing at the Organ donation day at Durbar hall in Raj Bhavan here, he said this is more government hospitals have joined the deceased donor program and about 78 hospitals have enrolled so far in this program in the state.

The state government is committed and  making all efforts to reduce the waitlist of patients who are in need of organ transplants by motivating more and more brain dead patients’ families for organ donation.  Its initiatives to streamline the availability of organs to patients by pre-registration and by preventing and curbing involvement of middle men in organ donation are commendable.

Wishing success in spreading and conduct organ donation awareness campaign, the governor said Tamil Nadu state for being ranked as the highest performing State in the Country in organ transplantation and for being selected for the Best performance Award in Organ Transplantation for the past two years.

Green Corridor’ has been helping a lot for smooth transportation of organs. Equally we need to develop good infrastructure to preserve the harvested organs. Traffic police and the medical professionals have been doing extraordinarily well to safely and quickly transport organs in time. Sometimes, organs are available only in other cities, in which case they are airlifted and I am told that there are two air ambulances available in Tamil Nadu. It is a matter of pride that Chennai is one of the leading cities in performing heart transplant surgeries and has successfully saved many lives through Green Corridor, he said.

The present annual requirement and availability of commonly transplanted organs show a huge gap between demand and supply. In our country on an annual basis, the number of patients needing kidney transplantation is around 2, 00,000 while the kidneys available for transplantation is only 6,000. The demand for Liver and Heart is also high in comparison to their availability.

           In India, a large number of people die due to road accidents. According to Transport Research Wing, in the year 2014 to 2015 the total number of road accidents have increased from about 4,89,000 to more than 5,01,000 and the total number of persons killed in road accidents has increased from about 1,39,000 to more than 1,46,000 in 2015.

There is scope for lot of organ harvesting. The transplantations of heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and pancreas are done to those who are ailing and in need of an organ.

The NGOs and the Members of Medical Fraternity should join hands under the Umbrella of TRANSTAN to sensitize the people and to be facilitator for organ harvesting and donation. I appeal to the people to shed away the myths and the superstitions on organ donation.

The National Organ Transplant Program (NOTP) of Government of India aims to promote organ donation across the country and it maintains a National Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Registry. Its initiative to establish a 24×7 call centre with a toll free helpline number is laudable. I am confident that conducting awareness programs on Organ Donation will highlight the enormous benefits of organ transplantation for patients and of the need to donate organs. The neighbours, relatives and friends should console families who are in the grief and help them realize/understand/ appreciate that their loved ones can give the gift of life to nearly 3 to 4 persons by organs donation

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