Thursday , December 1 2022

Dahanu residents among pilgrims killed in Amarnath attack

 Two Dahanu residents were among the seven Amarnath yatra pilgrims, who were killed in last evening’s terror strike at Anantnag.
The victims, Nirmala Thakur, 53, and Usha Sonkar, 54, were residents of Santoshi Nagar, Dahanu.
Mohanlal Sonkar, who lost his wife Usha in the attack, is yet to come to terms with the loss and regrets not being able to join her for the pilgrimage. “She was insistent on going for the yatra, but my children and I were unable to go along with her because of prior work commitments,” said Sonkar, who has a vegetable and fruit business.
Nirmala had left from Mumbai for Jammu and Kashmir around nine days ago with other pilgrims and was to return this week.

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