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Crime rate in Cyberabad drops by 12 per cent in 202 ; CP Stephen Raveendra IPS

Hyderabad”Dec ’23 2022(PMI-shoukat) The overall crime rate in Cyberabad dropped by 12 per cent in 2022.

A total of 27,322 cases were booked as against 30,954 the previous year. In their annual police round up, the Cyberabad Commissionerate stated that there has been a 12% reduction in crime in 2022. However, the cyber crime cases went up by 25%.In 2021, 30954 cases were reported while 2022 witnessed 27322 cases of crime thus reducing the number of cases to 3632. Cyberabad officials are investigating 15% lesser cases than they did in 2021 meaning that more cases were processed in 2022 as compared to 2021’Crimes against women in 2022 (2166 cases reported) reduced by 8% as against 2021 (2363 cases reported).Cyberabad’ Commissioner of Police Stephen Raveendra IPS said the State government and the Cyberabad police are working hard to maintain law and order and ensure peace. Due to efforts and adopting appropriate strategies by police the crime rate has come down. He said the crime rate reduction is highest in last ten years

Further, the commissionerate stated that there has been a 19% decrease in casesrecorded againstScheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) as against 2021.

Road accidents are down by 19% from 2021. However, in 2022, cases of cheating increased by 14% (818 more cases), while 2.93% more people went missing. Even culpable homicide cases increased by 33.33%.

Cases of dowry harassment, dowry deaths, rape, outraging modesty and bigamy reduced by 28.57%, 3.78%, 11.24%, 13.19% and 28.57% respectively in 2022.

It is worth noting that cyber crime cases increased by 25.84% meaning 996 more cases of cyber crime were recorded in 2022. Frauds for jobs, loans, trading, marriages etc topped the cyber crimes list. The conviction rate has increased in 2022 by 9.07%.

Property offences decreased by 28 per cent while detection of property offences increased by 14.6 per cent. There is a significant decreased in crime against women by 8.34 per cent. The road accidents were decreased by around 19 per cent.

Further, officials seized 6474.207 kilograms of ganja, 402.3 grams of MDMA, 225 grams of Cocaine, 12.225 litres of hash oil in 2022 under the commissionerate.

Speaking to media persons, Stephen Ravindra  said 80 percent of the pending cases from the year 2010 were solved by them this year. He said they had registered 27322 cases this year and added that they invoked PD Act against 79 people.

Talking about the drunken driving cases, he said they had booked 57175 drunken driving cases in their limits.  Ravindra said they had opened rowdy sheets on 13 people and suspect sheets on 849 persons.

Cyberabad Police Officers K. Shilpavalli DCP – Madhapur, R. Jagadishwar Reddy DCP – Shamshabad, G. Sandeep DCP – Balanagar, T. Srinivas Rao, IPS DCP – Traffic, Kalmeshwar Shingenavar, IPS DCP – Crimes, D. Kavitha DCP- EOW, W&CSW, P. Indira DCP, Admin Also Address the Annual Press Meet (PMI)

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