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CP Warangal Tarun Joshi Ips presented financial assistance checks to the family of the deceased constable

Warangal’Nov’25’2022 (Press media of india)Warangal Police Commissioner. to the family of the constable who died in a road accident  Dr.Tarun Joshi Ips  handed over the financial assistance checks on Thursday. Constable Butti Santosh, who was on duty at Gundala Police Station, died in a road accident on February 12 this year while coming from Gundala to Janagama on a two-wheeler. As the salary of the deceased constable will be deposited in SBI Bank, the management of the bank has come forward to provide financial assistance to the family of the deceased constable with 30 lakh rupees under police salary package and another twenty lakh rupees under road accident insurance. The checks related to this financial assistance were handed over by the Commissioner of Police to the parents of the deceased Constable Santhosh, Venkataiah and Komuramma, who are currently residing in Gavicharla village of Sangem Mandal. SBI Bank Deputy General Manager Vivek Chandra Jaiswal, Regional Manager Harikrishna Dandotikar, AGM Shankar Googuloth, Branch Manager Santosh Kolipaka, SBI General Insurance Warangal Officer Devender participated in this program.

The Police Commissioner consoled the elderly couple

The parents of the deceased constable who came to the police commissioner’s office to not receive the financial aid checks provided by the bank management, after receiving the checks from the hands of the police commissioner, the elderly parents who did not care for their deceased son shed tears and the police commissioner responded to console them and wiped their tears and comforted them. Warangal Police Commissioner advised the elderly parents to let him know what help you need(PMI)

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