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CP Hyderabad CV Anand IPS launches new online system for issue of licenses

Hyderabad’Dec’20’0222 (PMI) In a bid to enhance citizen delight , Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mr.CV Anand has rolled out an online licensing system for hassle-free issuance of Entertainment and amusement licenses through the redesigned city police website in a hybrid event held at TSPICCC auditorium. The new online system is inline with the State Govt’s EODB policy and offers accountability, transparency, ease in data retrieval, and a faster approval process. Interestingly, Hyderabad City Police became the first unit in the state to launch these services online.
Exuding optimism the city police chief opined that new system will curb public nuisance, traffic obstructions and other general complaints and enhance stakeholder satisfaction with the Government. The seamless system improves compliance with the rules and regulations by all stakeholders, he added. “With the introduction of new system, filling & submission online takes less than 15 minutes. New licenses will be issued within 30 days and renewal applications will be approved within 15 days.” Said CP Anand.
He explained the timeline break up at various levels in the hierarchy. For all fresh applications, the SHOs(Traffic, L&O) are supposed to complete the verification and submit the report to the ACsP within 15 days. Further ACsP, DCsP(L&O, traffic) will examine the reports within 3 days and 2 days respectively and submits to CP office. Finally CP office will process and issue the license within 10 days.
In case of renewal applications, the SHOs(Traffic, L&O) are supposed to complete the verification and submit the report to the ACsP within 2 days. Further ACsP, will examine the reports in 2 days and forwards to concerned DCsP. Within a day the DCsp concerned will forward it to CP office. Finally license will be issued by CP office within 5 days.
In his opening remarks CP briefly shared the internal reports, complaints received from the public & residents near various pubs, bars regarding sound pollution, parking congestion, public nuisance etc.,. Through a power point presentation police commissioner kept all the attendees informed about prevailing norms laid down in the city police act and exhorted to conduct their businesses within the framework of the act. He asserted that police will henceforth restart the duty assigned to it by the Law , that is the Issue of Amusement and Entertainment Licenses to Public places of Halt as per section 21 of Hyd city police Act.
Earlier, applicants had to fill tedious forms, visit several wings multiple times making the entire process cumbersome, and time taking. These difficulties led to situations to a point where few managements stopped applying licenses and gone completely out of police glare.
Presenting the EODB features in the website ,CP Anand said that the applicant will have to visit the city police website ( and enter the details in the application form and upload the required documents such as trade license, NOCs, rental deed, partnership deed etc.,.After submitting the application, a unique acknowledgement number will be generated.
The application will be automatically forwarded to the City Police Commissionerate. Upon completion of field enquiry, the licensing authority i.e., CP- Hyderabad will issue the license and send it to the applicant via e-mail. Process re-engineering at the receiving end and simplified user interface, guided instructions enables the applicant to complete the process with ease .

On the sidelines of the occasion, CP Anand launched the revamped city police website which is now feature rich and improved compatibility. At a glance, the redesigned icons, user friendly interface infused fresh look resulting in a seamless navigation to various sections of the website. The site features rich multimedia gallery, press archives, awareness videos , easy navigation, readability, information architecture .

Towards the conclusion, the senior echelons clarified the doubts and concerns raised by the attendees . The city police chief urged them to comply with the Telangana public safety Act by installing CCTVs with atleast 30 days backup, He also assured that there will not be any harassment from the officers.

The top brass lauded the efforts of his deputies.Around 450 business owners, managers attended the event and all SHOs, traffic officers were connected to the launch event virtually. Complete end-to-end online process would bring responsiveness in the ecosystem, opined a pub-owner.

Sri Vikram Singh Mann, Addl.CP(L&O); Mr.AR Srinivas, Addl.CP(Crimes & SIT); Mr. M.Ramesh, Jt.CP(Administration), Mr.CH.Srinivas, DCP(SMIT) , Zonal DCPs and other staff officers were present(Press media of india)

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