Thursday , December 1 2022


Hyderabad, Finance Minister Etala Rajender today criticized the Congress saying that during its 40 year rule failed to provide even basic amenities to the people.

Addressing the media at TRS Legislature Party office here on Thursday, the Finance Minister accused the Congress of being despair and making deliberate attempts to malign the image of the government. Despite Congress creating hurdles and problems, the TRS Government’s commitment will not change from implementing various welfare schemes and development programs, he reiterated. “It was known to everyone that the Congress looted public money in the name of Jala Yagnam and failed to complete irrigation projects and made Telangana chronically drought affected.

Rajender also excoriated the Congress leadership for its persistent baseless accusations against the irrigation projects and filing unusual number of cases in the courts. The Congress is caught with the fear of bleak future as the State government was completing all the irrigation projects and fantastically implementing welfare schemes for the poor. The Congress promised to complete Mid Manair project in two years and did not keep its promise even in ten years, he reminded.

The Finance Minister attributed the farmers’ suicides and farm related problems to the inefficiency of the previous rulers. In spite of frequent comments and cases, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was going ahead with his plan to complete the irrigation projects and other flagship programs for people’s good. Centre and several other States were appreciating the Telangana government for its Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya and Shadi Mubarak and Kalian Lakshmi schemes. He also said the Centre has appreciated the TRS Government for its plan for the welfare of poor and providing safe waters to villages and reviving rural economy through restarting community based professions.

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