Friday , December 2 2022

City police nab two drugs supplying gangs; C V Anand

Hyderabad, June 29 ( Najaf Shoukat’Press media of india): The city police today arrested two gangs involved in the supply of banned drugs across the country.

Revealing details about

the gang members, City police commissioner C V Anand said they had arrested two gang members. He said the gang members were supplying cocaine by making Delhi as their headquarters. He said a person by name Ebuka Suji was carrying out the drugs business and added that they could not find out Ebuka despite making efforts to catch him.

Stating that huge quantities of drugs are being seized at airport, Anand said Ebuka has links with DRI gangs. He said the gang members would take orders from their clients through WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat and deliver the drugs to them. He also said a man by name Henry Chigbo entered the country on a tourist visa and was carrying out the drugs business even after expiry of his visa. He said the gang members were buying the drugs for ₹8,000 and selling it for ₹10,000 to the customers. He said they would send all Nigerians, who are involved in the drugs trade to their country as they are staying in the country even after the expiry of their visas.

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The CP said they have already made arrangements to send back five such Nigerians. He said the accused had also opened bank accounts by using fake documents. He said they were buying tickets for the accused and would send them back to their country. He also said of the total 2,500 Africans present in the city, the visas of 750 Africans had expired. He said they would conduct cordon and search operation and catch all those whose visas have been expired. He made it clear that they were booking any cases against them and added that it would create problems for them to send them back to their countries.The above arrest was made under the supervision of Sri Chakravarthy Gummi,Dy. Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad-Narcotic Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) Hyderabad City by Sri P. Rajesh, Inspector of Police, Sri Ramesh Reddy, Inspector of Police, H-NEW,Sri Mohd Hafeez Uddin,Banjara Hills Inspector, Hyderabad City along with Banjara Hills Police. (PMI)

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