Thursday , September 21 2023

Bonalu Celebrated in Giety at Secretariat

Hyderabad: Bonalu Festival was celebrated on grand note at Secretariat here amid officials and employees are participating in huge numbers. Entire premises echoed with drum beats even as a sizeable number of women and girls carrying traditional Bonalu decorated with Vermillion, Turmeric and Neem leaves offered obeisance to the goddess Nalla Pochamma at the temple which is as old as 100 years.

Home Minister N Narsimha Reddy, Daivagna Sharma, IAS officials participated in the Bonalu festival and offered prayers at the Nalla Pochamma temple on the premises. Telangana Secretariat Employees Association president Narender Rao attended the ritual and performed pujas at the temple.

Cynosure on the occasion was Shyamala – a ‘Jogini’ who enthralled the people with her dance to the tunes. About 100 artistes came from Nirmal and Bhadrachalam and other places came and gave their best making the Bonalu festival a grand event.

Entire Secretariat premises were decorated with traditional Bonalu by placing pots on the stretch of the road to the temple in turmeric colour and neem leaves. Some girls clad in classical dance dress gave their best performance and took selfies, and Potharajus performed their best on the occasion of Bonalu reflecting Telangana culture and tradition. Later the organizers distributed food among the employees and staff to mark the event organized by Sanjay Vidiyala and temple committee members and Secretariat employees.

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