Thursday , September 21 2023

BJP to organize public meeting on Sept. 17

Hyderabad,  Demanding that the TRS State government observe September 17 as Telangana Liberation Day officially, BJP State president Dr K Laxman said they would organize a public meeting on September 17 against the TRS government’s policy on Telangana Liberation Day.

The BJP Telangana Liberation Committee held a meeting at State BJP office here on Friday. Speaking to the media later, Laxman said his party was preparing an action plan to conduct programs from August 15 to September 17. He said the party would launch movement from village level demanding that the State government conduct Telangana Liberation Day celebrations on September 17 officially.

Reminding that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had demanded previous government to conduct September 17 as Telangana Liberation Day during the Telangana agitation and also demanded then ministers from Telangana to tender their resignations, Laxman asked KCR as to why he changed his stand now. Slamming the Chief Minister for his volte face on the conduct of Telangana Liberation Day celebrations after assuming office, Laxman pointed out that Maharashtra and Karnataka Stategovernments were conducting Liberation Day celebrations officially. He also declared that conduct of Telangana Liberation Day celebrations on September 17 would be possible only if BJP wrests power in State. It will be BJP’s main agenda in the 2019 elections”, he added.

Alleging that KCR was hobnobbing with the MIM and pleasing Muslims for their support, Laxman said the Chief Minister was not celebrating Telangana Liberation Day on September 17 not to antagonize them. He also charged KCR with speaking in intolerant manner and in insecurity feeling after seeing BJP chief Amit Shah.

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