Friday , September 30 2022

BJP launches ‘Palle Palleku BJP- Intintiki Modi’ program

Hyderabad, May. 29 (NSS): BJP State president Dr K Laxman has said that the BJP has taken up ‘Pandit Deen Dayalji Janma Shathabdi Vistara Yozana’program with the slogan ‘Palle Palleku BJP- Intintiki Modi’ to take the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s welfare schemes, Central governments victories and Pandit Deen Dayalji’s ideals to the people from May 29 to June 12 for 15 days.

After launching the ‘Palle Palleku BJP- Intintinki Modi’ program at Banda Mysamma Basthi in Kawadiguda here on Monday, Laxman launched door-to-door campaign on Central government schemes, funds given to the State by the Centre, failures of the State government in implementing the schemes and distributed pamphlets prepared on the ideals of Pandit Deen Dayalji life history. He also pasted stickers on walls related to Deen Dalaji ideals.

Speaking on the occasion, Laxman said some 8,000 BJP leaders were participating in Karya Vistar Yozana program to meet 50 lakh families directly. He exuded confidence that the ‘Palle Palleki BJP- Intintiki Modi’ program would become successful. He said the program would be conducted in 32,000 polling booths across the State. Stating that the party entered into the hearts of the people of State after the three-day visit of BJP national president Amit Shah and the people were in a feeling that the BJP was an alternative party, Laxman said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was suffering from BJP phobia these days and hence he was trying to mislead the people in the name of Surveys. The Chief Minister was trying to trick the people but the Telangana people were aware of it. The BJP will go to the people with the pamphlets on State government’s failures.

BJP senior leaders N Ramchender Rao, Dr Rajeshwara Rao, Dr Kyasam Venkateshwarlu, Gundagoni Bharath Goud, Akula Vijaya, Katam Narsimha Yadav, Itikyala Lingam, Sudhakar Sharma and others participated in the program. (NSS)

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