Friday , December 9 2022

BJP Govt failed to keep jobs promise, has no right to talk : Harish Rao

Hyderabad, Jan.29 (PMI): Finance and Health Minister T Hairsh Rao today criticised that the BJP Government at the Centre miserably failed to fill up jobs and create employment. Harish Rao expressed serious displeasure at the BJP Government for deliberately denying funds for development and said that they have no right to talk on the jobs issue.

He participated in some development program in Bhadradri Kothagudem and accused the BJP Government of refusing to help the young state of Telnagana to develop. The Centre which promised to give 2 crore jobs a year has failed to keep the promise, he charged. The minister hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to fulfill aspirations of the people and youth. All around the country the problems are remained unaddressed due to failure of the BJP Government, he fumed. We are taking all measures to contain virus spread and the Centre is yet to take a decision to reduce the booster dose time, he said.

The BJP leadership in the state is coming in the way of development as I cannot bring funds from the centre. The centre and the BJP leaders have no right to make false charges that the state failed to give jobs. We have filled up jobs and created huge employment opportunities by taking necessary measures, the minister claimed. However, the BJP government failed to fill up 15.45 lakh jobs across the country, the health minister alleged. What right the BJP leaders have to make charges on the state government with regard to the jobs and employment, he asked. The BJP should stop mud-slinging and give support to the state develop. The Centre began about 157 medical colleges and failed to give us a single medical college to the state, Harish Rao expressed displeasure.   (PMI)

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