Friday , September 30 2022

Beware of Cheating in the name of ‘Friendship’, Chatting

Hyderabad, if you have a mobile, beware of numerous messages that come on it seeking your friendship and chatting with ‘interesting girls’ and boys’.  By responding to these messages, one cannot say what will happen and what loss he would be incurring, given the fact that many types of cheating are reported in the media from time to time. The police authorities are issuing warnings about various types of duping in the name of friendship, chatting, jobs, matrimonial alliances, etc., and hence one should be doubly careful about such messages, and it is always better to refrain from answering such messages.

One wonders why some people are so eager to acquire friends through the mobile, as if they cannot get friends in their work place, neighbourhood, libraries and the like.  One message says: ‘Hey friend, it was nice talking to you. Call 5566786611 and speak to me again. I am waiting for you’.  The fact is that there was no talking between the two earlier, but the message says it was nice talking to you.

            Another message says: Unlimited chat with interesting girls and boys. Call 55630066500021 or some other number. Yet another SMS says: ‘Pl call me at 52000089099 to Join Girls chat room’. Another SMS says: “I love you. Say it to someone. Call on 552220595’.  Another message says: “You are lonely, even I am lonely too. Let’s talk on 556785560. Similarly, several types of message are coming on the mobile and there is every reason to suspect the motives of the senders.  Somehow, they want to gather information from you and cheat you in one way or the other.  So, beware of such messages and refrain from answering.

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