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Bandi Sanjay vows to drive AIMIM out of Telangana, make it a saffron bastion

Hyderabad, March 6 (PMI): State BJP president Sanjay Kumar on Sunday vowed to drive out the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) from Hyderabad and make the entire Telangana State as a “saffron bastion.”
Bandi Sanjay was addressing BJP functionaries from Hyderabad parliamentary constituency at Minerva Gardens in Champapet. The convention was attended by Union minister G Kishan Reddy, BJP floor leader in the Assembly T Raja Singh, State BJP general secretaries D Pradeep Kumar and Mantri Srinivas, vice-president Dr G Manohan Reddy and others, along with a large number of party leaders and cadre from the constituency.
Stating that the party had chosen Hyderabad parliamentary constituency to declare a war against the divisive forces, Sanjay Kumar pooh-poohed the talk that Old city of Hyderabad was an “adda” of the AIMIM. “Despite the police cautioning us, we held a meeting at Charminar and showed our strength,” he recalled. He pointed out that hard core Hindu leaders like Baddam Bal Reddy, made the saffron flag flutter in Karwan and N Indrasena Reddy won from the Muslim-dominated Malakpet, while Raja Singh has been in the forefront in protecting Hinduism in Goshamahal.
“The BJP has the capacity to win four Assembly segments in Hyderabad parliamentary constituency. So, it is not difficult to capture the Hyderabad MP seat?” he said and reminded that the old city was like a “Mini-Bharat” in the past with people from all parts of the country – Kannadigas, Marathis and Gujaratis making it their home. Subsequently, they fled to the other side of the Musi river unable to bear the atrocities of the AIMIM,” he regretted.
Sanjay Kumar alleged that the AIMIM was trying to capture the old city by hounding out the Hindus, on the lines of the terrorists, who had driven away Kashmiri pundits from Kashmir valley. “Once the BJP comes to power, we shall bring all those, who fled the old city fearing attacks from the MIM goons, back to their places and see that they get back their assets. We shall start the “Ghar Wapsi” program from the old city itself,” he said.
Stating that Dar-us-Salam seized by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel while driving away Razakars, he said former chief minister Kasu Brahmanand Reddi had handed it over to the Salahuddin Owaisi during the 1969 Telangana movement, when the latter promised to crush the agitation. “Right from the beginning, it was the AIMIM which had opposed the formation of separate Telangana. It will embrace any political party that is in power for its selfish political gains,” he added.
The BJP State president cautioned the people to be wary of political leaders, who visit mosques, though they do not know anything about Allah, only to appease the voters of their communities. “I don’t go to masjids and churches and damage their sanctity, because I don’t know anything about their religious customs and practices and about Allah or Jesus Christ,” he clarified. He asserted that the aim of the BJP was to develop old city on the lines of an ultra-modern city. “On the other hand, the AIMIM wants to keep the old city completely underdeveloped, though it hobnobs with the ruling party. The old city doesn’t have proper roads and drainage facility, let alone metro rail connectivity,” he criticised.
Taking a dig at the pseudo-secular forces, Sanjay Kumar sought to know why these forces, who appreciated a Muslim woman for refusing to wear the college uniform, did not raise their voice, when the fundamentalist forces killed a Hindu brother Harsha for calling for strict uniform code for all the students.
“I ask those people, who call the BJP a communal party, a straight question. Why are all these parties, which only bother about Muslims who constitute 12 percent of the electorate, not thinking about the Hindus who constitute 80 percent of the voters? What is the crime committed by the Hindus?” he asked.
Sanjay Kumar sought to know why Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who claims himself a genuine Hindu and the other TRS party leaders, put up flex boards and banners greeting Muslims during the Ramzan festival, but do not do the same during the Hindu festivals saying: “Greetings to Hindu brethren on Dasara festival and so on.”
“When we proudly declare ourselves as Hindus, they call it fundamentalism. This only shows our inefficiency. But we won’t allow it to happen anymore. When KCR made derogatory comments against Hindus, we buried the TRS in Karimnagar general elections,” he said, adding that he had won Karimnagar Lok Sabha elections only with the Hindu votes. “How did the BJP win Secunderabad, Nizamabad and Adilabad MP seats? he asked.
The BJP president said medieval and stupid policies like Triple Talaq were the reasons for the backwardness of Muslim women. “That is why when the Narendra Modi government brought in a law abolishing Triple Talaq system, the MIM and the TRS did not support it. If such kind of policies exist, there is a danger that the AIMIM might even issue a Fatwa, banning Muslim women from exercising their franchise in the elections,” he warned.
Sanjay Kumar said the TRS government was floating the theories of murder attempts only to malign the BJP, because it had realised that the people were strongly opposing the TRS and the AIMIM and all the surveys including those commissioned by KCR, indicated an imminent defeat of the TRS in the elections. He alleged that KCR was enacting the drama of entering national politics, only under pressure from his family members to make his son K T Rama Rao as the chief minister, as they have realised that the TRS won’t come to power again. “He is touring States though he has no invitation from anybody. And there are no takers for his third front proposals, because nobody believes him,” he said.
The BJP president called upon the party leaders to counter the TRS campaign that the Narendra Modi government had done nothing for the State and disprove their allegations with all the statistics. He also declared that if the BJP is voted to power in the State, it would build a big Bhagya Lakshmi temple in Hyderabad, on the lines of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. “Goddess Bhagya Lakshmi is a very powerful deity. We get positive vibes if we worship Her. She would fulfil all our desires,” Sanjay Kumar asserted. (PMI)

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