Tuesday , February 7 2023

Bandi hits back, says entire Telangana defiled by TRS

Hyderabad: Reacting on TRS working president KT Rama Rao’s advice of Aamprokshana(purification of Yadadri temple after State BJP chief’s visit, Bandi Sanjai Kumar said that whole State should be purified as TRS and KCR have defiled Telangana. “A Samprokshana ceremony should be performed across the Telangana wherever they moved by exposing their lies,” said TS BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Addressing a joint media conference with BJP State affairs incharge Tarun Chugh and other leaders at Munugodu on Saturday, the Karimnagar MP mounted an all-out attack while responding to the Municipal KTR’s statements, against BJP. “The land of Telangana was defiled with people like you (Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Minister KTR) who have cheated without delivering on the promises given to the people,” he said

He warned KTR that he and his father duo should watch their words. Otherwise, “If you talk one abusive word, we can respond in 100s. However, our culture is coming in our way to talk like you,” he said. The Karimnagar MP asked the KTR where his father had gone and why he did not take the challenge to come to the Yadadri temple if he and his party had done nothing wrong.

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