Saturday , July 13 2024


Australian police shoot dead ‘radicalized’ teen

06-05-2024 Bureau Report + Agencies PERTH/ SYDNEY: Western Australia police shot dead a “radicalized” 16-year-old boy on Saturday night after he stabbed a man in Perth. State Premier Roger Cook said the teenager attacked a man and then “rushed” at police officers, armed with a kitchen knife. The police responded …

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“Influencers driving India’s big election”

06-05-2024 Bureau Report + Agencies NEW DELHI: Just weeks before the first ballot was cast in this year’s Indian election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at an event in Delhi rubbing shoulders with people known by names like BeerBiceps and Curly Tales. The event, an awards show, congratulating some of …

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Campus Gaza solidarity protests go global

05-05-2024 LONDON/ PARIS/ NEW YORK: A growing global student movement to occupy university campuses has continued to coalesce and expand in recent days, following dramatic scenes involving pro-Palestinian protesters and police captured on cameras at American colleges. Student groups in the United Kingdom, France and Mexico among others have sought …

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Journalists in Gaza awarded World Press Freedom Prize

05-05-2024 UNITED NATIONS/ GAZA CITY: All Palestinian journalists covering Israel’s war on Gaza have been awarded UNESCO’s world press freedom prize, the United Nations cultural agency has said. “In these times of darkness and hopelessness, we wish to share a strong message of solidarity and recognition to those Palestinian journalists …

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India & Japan dismiss Biden’s ‘xenophobic’ comment

05-05-2024 NEW DELHI/ TOKYO: India and Japan have rejected President Joe Biden’s remarks calling the US allies “xenophobic” countries who do not welcome immigrants, and grouping the two nations with China and Russia. India’s Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said the country has historically been open to immigrants and …

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