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Hyderabad agust 10- On 26.7.2018 at about 7.20 pm, one Mohd. Jaffar r/o. H.No: 19-2-21, Kalapathar, Hyderabad city had reported in Narsingi police station that one person said to be Ahmed Ali @ Arman Sayyed requested him to bring 30,000 US Dollars to Café Coffee Day near Gachibowli Flyover as he is indented to exchange them for Indian Currency. When he went to said place with 30,000 US Dollars on 26.7.2018 at about 4.00 pm, said person told him to get in to a Red colour car brought by him and took him near to TSPA Junction exit on ORR, stopped the car and took 30,000 US Dollars from him and gave him a notes bundle resembling to 2000 rupees denomination Indian currency. When he tried to check the bundles, said person threatened him by showing gun like object and pushed him out of the car and fled away. Immediately the Madhapur Zone SOT and Police Narsingi were directed to identify the accused responsible for this incident and to nab him.
The Madhapur Zone SOT led by Purushotham Inspector and Narsingi & Raidurgam police have swing into action immediately and tracked the CCTV footage of the accused and collected the pictures of accused and vehicles used by accused for committing this offence. It was observed that on the day of offence at 12.40 hours, accused came up to ITC Kohinoor Hotel, Madapur by Auto Rickshaw, collected a Maruti Swift car bearing registration number AP-20-AA-3555 from one Nawaz of Shamshabad in front of ITC Kohinoor Hotel, Madapur and went to Cafe Coffee Day shop at Vinayak Nagar, Gachibowli at 12.50 hours by same car and met Shaik Mohin Ali, Auto Rickshaw driver. After some time, he left said place by said car and again went up to ITC Kohinoor Hotel, Madapur and he again met Nawaz infront of said hotel. He returned Maruti Swift Car to Nawaz, Collected a new Red colour Maruti Brezza car bearing T/R number (not visibe) and went to Cafe Coffee Day shop located near Flyover Gachibowli. Where, he met the victim Mohd.Jaffer and both left by said Red colour Maruthi Brezza Car and went towards Airport on ORR. His vehicle picture was captured in the ORR Toll Plaza at 16.03 hours. After committing the offence he went upto Shamshabad and entered in the city through Shamshabad Exit of ORR and from there it was become difficult to track him further. During the investigation it came to be known that accused is frequently staying in Star Hotels in Cyberabad limits, Bangalore, Udipi, Mangalore of Karnataka state, besides that, it also came to know that accused was also having some connections with Karad & Nagpur of Maharastra. The Madapur Zone SOT visited all such hotels and places and collected further details / visuals of accused. Further they also came to know that accused own a Toyota Innova SUV car bearing Registration number TS-07-EV-3178. With the available inputs, the Madhapur Zone SOT, Raidurgam and Narsingi police worked out and zeroed down the movement of accused.
With continuous and sustained efforts, they have apprehended the accused on 9.8.2018 at 16.00 hours at Hydershahkote while he was moving by his Toyota Innova SUV car bearing Registration number TS-07-EV-3178 and seized one country made pistol, seven live rounds of ammunition, Toyota Innova SUV car etc. from him. He was thoroughly interrogated and during which he revealed many important points about him & his criminal activity/history to police and made further seizures. The details are:
Siddiqui @ Suleman Mohammed Khan s/o. Mohammed Khan, aged 42 years, r/o. Flat No: 210, V.K. Residency, Kandi (v), Sangareddy District, N/o. 3rd floor, Flat No 310, Swapna Apartment, Althin, Mapusa, Bardez, Goa. He moved with different names in different places to hide his identity, they are:
(1). Sahil Ali Khan (2). Mohammed Ali Khan (3). Aahil Mohammed Ali Khan (4). Aahil Daniel Sayyad (5). Sameer Patel (6). Sihan Arman Shah (7). Arman Rahil Shah, (8). Suresh Chawan, (9). Siddique Khan, (10). Sulaiman Khan, (11). Khan Sahil Ali Mohammed Ali (12). Ishan (13). Asma Khan
 He was born in Althin, Mapusa, Bardez, Goa in the year 1974. His father was a Sand Contractor. He is having two brothers and five sisters.
 He is illiterate, but he is able to attest his signature.
 In the year 1989 started his life as a labour under centering mason in Mapusa , Goa. Later after 1992, he became Centering mason.
 In the year 1995 he become a centering works contractor.
 In the year 2001, he took sub-contract works related to Goa Film Festival from Digamber Kamath, a Class-I contractor and completed the works in the year 2003.
 He earned huge amount of money as profit in this work and invested the same money in buying open land in Tivim Mordel, Goa.
 After this work he did civil contract works in different places of Goa and also entered in construction field and earned good profits in all these works. He invested the money earned out of the profits of his civil works in purchasing open lands in different parts of Goa. In this manner he has purchased about 26 properties which include open lands and Antique houses in different parts of Goa.
 Because of recession between 2007 and 2009, the Real Estate Market collapsed in Goa. At that time he was having some good amount with him, so he left for Karad of Maharastra, purchased some land with that amount and started Real Estate and construction business in Karad. He built a house in Karad, but later it was sold. While he was in Karad, he married a woman of Bijapur of Karnataka state.
 As the business in Karad was not up to his expectations, in the year 2011, he went to Pune along with his family, settled in Hatti Chowk, Khatraj area of Pune and did Real Estate and construction business till 2012. During this time, he developed some ill-feelings with one Gajanan Marne, a dreaded Gangster of Pune over sale & purchase of lands and at the same time he has cheated one Vimal Rao Konde Deshmukh of Pune over sale & purchase of a land and coming to know the registration of a criminal case and differences with Gajanan Marne he left Pune and went to Bangalore to avoid his arrest by police.
 After this, some ill-feelings developed with his wife and she left him by leaving her 2 years old female child.
 From Pune he went to Bangalore, where he purchased a flat and married another woman belong to Honnawar of Karnataka state and he is blessed with a female & male child to her. Later his first wife lodged a complaint before police against him. Police came to Bangalore in search of him. Then he left Bangalore and went back to Goa.
 While he was in Goa he was arrested by Pune police in the cheating case registered against him. He was in Eravada jail for about 100 days and later released on bail.
 After releasing from jai,l he purchased a country made pistol and ammunition in Pune from one Suresh Bhosle of Pune and in this regard also a case was registered against him and he is not yet arrested in this case.
 He again went to Goa and while in Goa he purchased a land from one lady Louisa Fernandez of 75 years old, but due to some valid reasons said lady cancelled his sale agreement and was trying to sell the land to some other person. On that on 30.07.2014, he engaged five persons and killed her by injecting some poisonous substance into her body.
 All his associates were arrested in this murder case and they revealed his name to police. Then he escaped from Goa along with his family to avoid Police arrest and since then he is wanted by Goa Police in this murder case.
 He went to Mangalore of Karnataka state and Calicut of Kerala state and stayed for about (9) months. Later he shifted his residence to Nagpur of Maharastra state in the year 2015.
 In Nagpur he stayed in a rented house and opened a real estate broker office and did some property dealings as an agent. When he was in Nagpur he also came to Hyderabad stayed in Hyderabad for few months in a rented house in Begumpet and got Voter ID Cards to him and his wife and also birth certificate to his eldest daughter on fake names.
 In the month of November, 2016 one Bharath associate of Gajanan Marne met him in Nagpur city. Then he suspected some threat to his life and thinking so he again left Nagpur and the rented house is not yet vacated. During this time he purchased a 250 Sq yards house plot in Makthal of Mahaboobnagar district for 4.5 lakhs.
 Thereafter he moved in Mangalore, Bangalore of Karnataka state and Hyderabad and involved in exchange of demonetized currency notes with new Indian currency for commission.
 During the process of exchange of demonetized currency, he came in to contact with one Muthu Swamy of Chennai through a priest of Iskcon temple Bangalore and exchanged some demonetized currency with him and later cheated him and took about 30 lakhs new currency from him.
 From November, 2016 to till the end of 2017 he cheated many people in the name of exchange of demonetized currency.
 In the month of January, 2017 he came to Sangareddy and purchased a double bedroom flat in VK Residency behind Balaji Hospital Kandhi village of Sangareddy district for about 24 lakhs. Since then he started staying in the same flat with his family.
 He started property dealing business in and around Sangareddy. In the month of February, 2018 in the process of property dealing he along with a person dealing in property business went to Inorbit mall, where said person met one Dorai Swamy of Tamilnadu state to exchange US Dollars with Indian currency. There said Dorai Swamy took 10 lakhs rupees from said person and escaped without exchanging Dollars. When he asked said person whether he is going to report to police, then said person told him that “I am not going to lodge any complaint as it is an illegal deal and police may book case against me too”.
 After seeing the above incident he decided to earn money in the same illegal manner. Since then he started looking for the persons exchanging US dollars with Indian currency with intention to cheat them and earn money. Through Just Dial, he collected the phone numbers of those persons who are dealing with exchanging the US dollars and used to contact them on the pretext of exchanging US dollars.
 He initially exchanged either US dollars for Indian currency or Indian currency for US dollars for 2-3 times with small denominations with few people and later told them that he is in need of 30,000 to 40,0000 US dollars for which he will give the money in Indian currency. He told some people that he is having US dollars in large quantity and intended to exchange it with Indian currency. For this purpose he also moved in Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam and exchanged some currency and dollars genuinely.
 Likewise he reposed confidence in the currency exchange dealers/agents that he is a genuine customer and by taking the advantage of that goodwill, he cheated three persons.
 In the first incident on 08.05.2018 he met one Polepally Buchaiah resident of Kharmanghat Hyderabad in Cafe Coffee Day shop near Gachibowli flyover and went by driving the car of Buchaiah up to 1 KM after ORR toll plaza, took 31000 US dollars from Buchaiah, gave him a bundle of papers covered on the top and bottom of the bundle with genuine 2000 rupees Indian currency notes. When said Buchaiah tried to open the bundle, he threatened him at the point of county made pistol, forcibly got him out of the car and escaped with car and 31000 US dollars. He went by the car up to Axis bank Shamshabad and left the car there and went to his residence in Kandhi village of Sangareddy.
 In the second incident he collected the details of one Shaik Javed resident of Chandrayangutta Hyderabad through Just Dial and contacted him for exchanging US dollars. In the month of February, 2018, he contacted Javed and requested him to exchange US dollars. He met Javed at Cafe Coffee Day, Inorbit mall and exchanged 2500 US dollars with Indian currency. Again after snatching 31000 US dollars from Polepally Buchaiah he again contacted Javed and met him in Cafe Coffee Day located near Gachibowli flyover and exchanged 15000 US dollars and after few hours again exchanged remaining 16000 US dollars at cafe coffee Day Inorbit Mall. By this Javed got confidence on him that he is a genuine person. Later he told Javed to exchange some more US dollars of bigger value. On that on 27-05-2018, Javed brought 50 lakhs Indian currency and met him in Café Coffee day near Gachibowli flyover by Indica car. Both went up to ORR toll plaza by that car and he was driving the car. At the toll plaza the car got some trouble and did not start. Then he told Javed to get down the car and push it to get it started. When Javed got down and with the help of others pushed the car, he got the engine started and escaped with 50 lakhs rupees.
 In the third incident, he purchased US dollars from one Rafeeq thrice whom he met through one Moin Khan a Auto Riksha driver and later told him that he is in need of around 30000 US dollars. Then Rafeeq informed to one Jaffer of Kalapathar Hyderabad and on 26-07-2018 AN, both brought 30000 US dollars to Cafe Coffee Day shop at Gachibowli flyover and met him. Later he took Jaffer alone along with 30000 US dollars by the car hired by him near to TSPA Exit on ORR, took 30000 US dollars from him and gave a bundle of papers resembling to be 2000 rupees notes bundle covered on the top and bottom of the bundle with genuine 2000 rupees Indian currency notes. When said Jaffer tried to open the bundle, he threatened him at the point of county made pistol, forcibly got him out of the car and escaped with 30000 US dollars. He went by the car up to D Mart, Madhapur, returned the car hired by him to concerned person and went to his residence in Kandhi village of Sangareddy.
01). Cheated one Vimal Rao Konde Deshmukh of Pune over sale & purchase of a land in Pune in the year 2013 under Sahakar PS limits of Pune.
02). Purchase & Posession of Country made Pistol & Ammunition illegally in the year 2013 in Pune under Hadapasar PS limits of Pune.
03). Murder of a woman Louisa Fernandez of 75 years old in Anjuna area of Goa on 30-07-2014 under Anjuna PS limits of Goa.
O4). Cheating one Polepalli Buchaiah of Karmanghat, Hyderabad on the pretext of exchanging US dollars for Indian currency and committed theft of 31,000 US dollars from him on 08-05-2018 under Raidurgam PS limits.
05). Cheating one Javed of Chandraingutta, Hyderabad on the pretext of selling US dollars for Indian currency and committed theft of 50 lacks Rupees Indian currency from him on 27-05-2018 under Raidurgam PS limits.
06). Cheating one Mohd. Jaffer of Kalapathar, Hyderabad on the pretext of exchanging US dollars for Indian currency and committed theft of 30,000 US dollars from him on 26-07-2018 under Narsingi PS limits.
01). Obtained one Aadhar Card, 07 Pan cards, 05 Driving licences and 03 voter ID cards on different names at different places of Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra.
02). He never discloses his original name and native place to anyone. He get introduced himself with different names and address with different persons.
03). He purchased properties and vehicles on different names and address with different ID cards.
04). In Hyderabad he introduced himself to the victims as a Doctor in profession and always carries white apron and stethoscope while dealing with the agents to procure victims.
05). He always prefers to stay in star hotels moving from one city to other city and never go to any hotel repeatedly.
06). In the year 2013 he was blessed with a female baby. When she was around 11 months she fell on the ground and received head injury and went into coma. He got the baby admitted in Indira Gandhi Hospital, Bangalore and when he was unable to pay the medical bills he left the baby in the Hospital and escaped. He did not go back to Hospital and he does not know the present state of that baby.
07). Sometimes he used to use “wig” to change his look.
1. Country made pistol 01
2. Live ammunition 07
3. Toyota Innova car 01
4. TATA Aria Car 01
5. Honda BRIO Car 01
6. Maruti Vitara BREZZA Car 01 (hired & used in the offence)
7. Net cash Indian currency 26,00,000 (Twenty Six lakhs)
8. US Dollars 15,000
9. Demonitised Currency
(14 notes of 1000 & 1121 notes of 500 denomination) 5,74,500
10. Gold ornaments 304 grams
11. imitating 2000 notes bundles 5 bags
12. Cell phones 42
13. Orginal land/Flat/Plot documents 05
14. Original Indian passport 01
15. Xerox documents of address proof & others 02
16. Aadhar cards 02
17. Pan cards 08
18. Driving License 05
19. Metro card 01
20. Voter ID Cards 03
21. White Colour Apron 01
22. Stethoscope 01
23. Wig 01
The initiation taken and efforts made by Madapur Zone SOT and Raidurgam & Narsingi Police in apprehending this most wanted accused is highly appreciable and they will be rewarded suitably.
The participants in the press meet were Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar, Madhapur DCP Venkateshwar Rao, ADCP SOT Dayananda Reddy, SOT CI Purushottham, SOT CI Venkatesh, L&O Narsingi CI Ramana goud, DI Naveen, SOT SI’s Venkatesh, Vijay, SOT constables Pradeep reddy, shyam, Narsimlu, Srinivas and Aravind etc.

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