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Amit Shah vows to bring Gundrampally villagers fight against Razakars to light

Chityala, May.24 (PMI): Stating that the fights of Gundrampally villagers against Razakars disappeared, BJP national president Amith Shaw has asked the present rulers to tell whether the governance was in tune with the martyrs’ aims.

On his third day tour in Nalgonda district, Amit Shah visited Gundrampally village here on Wednesday. He visited dalit streets in the village and enquired about their good and bad. He campaigned about the national schemes and their benefits while roaming each door. Later he addressed the booth level activists meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Amit Shah said that Gundrampally has great history and several great personalities waged un-relentless fight against Razakars and went into the annals of the history. He alleged that the Razakars behaved like monsters and the Gundrampally has the history of chasing away such atrocious Razakars. But the history of Gundrampally has disappeared. There was a need bring them to the lime light. It was time the people, who waged movement for the sake of liberty from Razakars, to rethink on whether the present rule was in tune with the martyrs or not in the State.

There was a need of BJP rule in the State to bring the rule based on the ideals of martyrs. He recalled that the people of Telangana were under clutches of Nizam where the entire nation was celebrating the freedom to the nation. He said that he was feeling happy that he met the families of freedom fighters. The Telangana became part and parcel of the nation with the efforts of people of Telangana and Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

He said that some reporters asked him to what will he do now while remembering the atrocities of Razakars. “I know as to whom were forced those reporters to ask these questions. It is the handy work of Congress and TRS party”, he said and made it clear that the BJP will bring the history of Gundrampally to the light.  Amit Shah said that the BJP bring polling booth president, village, mandal, state and national president to same dais. It’s a history and it was a foundation forth new chapter in the history of Telangana state.

Earlier, BJP state president Dr K Laxman said that the Congress party leaders were shocked at the Amit Shah tour. PCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy speaking a lot, he said and asked Congress leaders to stop making low level allegations and tender apologies to the families of Razakars’ victims. The Congress leaders were not getting sleep while seeing the response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Party Chief Amit Shah’s charisma. The Congress leaders were not in a position to digest the increasing reception to the BJP in the Telangana State.

Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya wished to start the winning streak of BJP from Gundrampally village, which stood as evidence to the atrocities of Razakars. The need arose to wage fighting against the present government similar to the fight against Nizam rule, he said. He alleged that some people transformed the fight against Razakars as the fight against religion by distorting the history. Dattatreya asked the BJP activists to teach a lesson to such leaders, who distorting the history. (PMI)


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