Thursday , September 21 2023

Amit Shah says in Lucknow – Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya.

Lucknow-Addressing a press conference in Lucknow, BJP President Amit Shah said that three years of Modi government and 3 months of Yogi Sarkar are being completed together. Amit Shah said that the Ram Temple in Ayodhya will definitely become, it was also mentioned in our manifesto. In the last 3 years, the country has experienced change, while the Congress government had scams worth Rs 12 lakh crore.
Amit Shah said that we gave the decision-making government to the country, there was a lack of decision in the Congress government. Amit Shah on cross border trade said that we will make decisions on this issue by talking to all the parties. He said that we have not broken any party, Nitish Kumar has resigned against corruption in Bihar. Shah said that it will take some time to improve the law system of UP.
Shah said that the Modi government has done more than 50 such works in 3 years, which has not happened in the last 50 years. Our government has improved the quality of life of the poor. The central government has implemented GST in the country with the consent of all the parties. He told that the incident of surgical strike has sent a message throughout the world that we are serious about protecting our border.
Amit Shah said that the case of One Rank One Pension was going on for a long time, but our government implemented this in a single year. Our government has honored OBCs. India is also a Global Leader in the world of space. The money that was lying in the house of people through notebook has now come into the economy. He said that our government took stern steps against black money.
The BJP president said that the Modi government of the Center is helping the Yogi government in every way in the state. In the 13th Finance Commission, the share of UP was 2 lakh 80 thousand crore, while the 14th Finance Commission under the leadership of the Modi government has now been more than 7 lakh crore. We gave 4,77,000 crores more to the UP. Yogi Sarkar has forgiven the farmers’ debt.
No proposal of Shivpal Yadav
Amit Shah said that in 2019, he will return to power with an increased majority. On the question of Gujarat, Shah said that all the allegations raised in Gujarat are all false. Why are the MLAs kept in Bangalore? Shah said that there is no proposal for Shivpal Yadav to come in the NDA yet.
On Sunday, Amit Shah had eaten food at the house of BJP worker Sonu Yadav earlier. Meanwhile, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma and Keshav Prasad Maurya were also present. In Lucknow, Shah said that his party’s aim is to bring the last man standing in the line of development to the forefront. He said, our party is growing on the basis of Antyodaya.
In his address Amit Shah also mentioned the plans introduced in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-year tenure. He said, ‘ Prime Minister Modi has implemented 106 schemes for the benefit of poor, oppressed and women in just three years’ tenure. During this time, he specifically mentioned Ujjwala and Swachh Bharat Mission. Amit Shah said, under the Clean India Mission 45 million toilets were built in the country.
Amit Shah also promised to bring the UP out of the bimaru states in the next five years. He said, “I want to assure you all that under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath , UP will come out of Bimaru state in five years.

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