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Along with the young woman who committed robbery in the old woman’s house

Two arrested for purchasing stolen property

Warangal”Dec 14 2022 (PMI) The CCS has arrested two other accused persons who committed robbery by throwing pepper in the eyes of an old lady living alone in Labor Colony, handcuffed her and bought the stolen property. and Meals Colony Police jointly arrested Kalpimangalavaram.

The police seized one lakh and forty six thousand rupees in cash, a two-wheeler, a burqa used by the accused in the crime, and a cell phone from the young woman who was involved in the robbery, while the two recovered the stolen property. Police seized 60 grams of gold jewelery worth two lakh fifteen thousand rupees from the accused.

In relation to this arrest, Additional DCP Crimes Pushpareddy revealed the details of the accused Nagireddy Meghna (18) who lives in Kalsi with her parents in Labor Colony of Warangal District, is studying second year of B.B.M. in a local degree college and is working as a part-time employee in a beauty parlor in Hanumakonda. Accused’s father was an alcoholic and the financial condition of the house was not good and money was not enough for her family and personal needs, so she wanted to earn money easily. The accused had gone on rent for a short time in a three storied building belonging to the victim’s old lady. The accused had planned to steal the gold from an elderly woman who was living alone. For this, the accused took the burqa from her friend in the same manner as her friend had helped her by wearing a burqa without recognizing her in the past. On the 6th of this month, the accused went to the victim’s house wearing a burqa without being recognized and told that she wanted to rent a house for her friend, and the victim rented her house. After talking to his daughter on the phone. While the old lady was showing the house to the accused, the burqa-wearing accused sprinkled pepper powder brought from her house in the eyes of the victim, and the old lady fell down, tied her hands and tied the gold necklace around her neck. The accused robbed and escaped from there on a two-wheeler. The stolen gold jewelery was sold in parts to the two accused, Prem Kumar and Hanumakonda Kumar Palli of Ellambazar, Bejjanki Surender and the accused went back for the remaining money which she did not take.

The Meals Colony Police registered a case based on the complaint of this old lady and the CCS and the local police took up the investigation on the orders of the Warangal Police Commissioner. After identifying the accused who did not use the technology available to the police, the police interrogated the accused at her home this morning and did not arrest the accused.

Police seized the jewel. Additional DCP Crimes and Operations Pushpa Reddy, Crimes ACP Davidgaju, CCS Inspectors Ramesh Kumar, Srinivas Rao, Meals Colony Inspector Srinivas, AO Salman, SASIs Sivakumar, Ashabi, Head Constable Abid, who showed excellence in cracking this robbery. Police Commissioner congratulated Constable Vamsi Chandrasekhar, Anjaiah and ITCore Constable Nagesh.(Press media of india)

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