Thursday , August 18 2022

All India Sunni Ulama Board Alleged on AIMPLB Misguided SC on the issue of Triple Talaq

Hyderabad, Aug 30 (PMI): Members of the All India Sunni Ulama Board said that All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), has misled the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on the Issue of Triple Talaq.

Addressing a meeting to view the recent Supreme Court judgement on the issue of Triple Talaq here in Hyderabad, the speakers were of the view   that the AIMPLB failed to prove before the Hon’ble Supreme Court that Talaq is a matter of “Faith” (Aqeedah) and also what measures should be taken when it is not liked by Allah in the Holy Quran.

Ulama, Scholars and Advocates addressed the meeting and they discuss upon the delicate points of “Shariah” and its legal aspects. The participant of the meeting observed keenly on the points which will effect on the Muslim Society and impact if it on “Shariah”.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr. Syed Mohammed Tanveeruddin, Former Head of the Department of Persian, Osmania University, Hyderabad, said that  All India Muslim Personal Law Board does not know that what is the practice of reciting Nikah during the Marriage ceremony in all over India, he said it is clearly mentioned in Aqde Nikah Booklet in  two Telugu States Telangana and Andhra Pradesh  on page No 4    in case of any dispute between Groom and Bride the arbitrator should be called from both the side to resolve the dispute between groom and bride. He said instant Triple Talaq is not practiced by majority of the Muslim Sects.

Mr Mohammed Zaffarullah,a  senior Advocate of Civil and Criminal Courts of Law said in the meeting, the Supreme Court has honestly done its job and Triple Talaq is declared against the Constitutional  Law. He suggested doing some useful activities for the welfare of the Muslims community and spread the awareness against the Triple Talaq.

The President of All India Sunni Ulama Board, said the Supreme Court should have given the Judgement by taking into account the whole Muslim Community and inviting representatives of all the Muslim sects instead of taking into account seven petitioners who filed the cases. He said usually judgment or the court order bonded the persons involved in that particular case, but here the Triple Talaq judgment is imposed on all Indian Muslims.

All Inida Sunni Ulama Board demanded that, To solve the matter of Tiple Talaq the Government should come forward to dialogue. They were of the view that Sunni Ulama consent was not taken and In this case Sunni Hanfi School has been targeted.(Press Media of India).

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