Tuesday , February 7 2023

Airport Express Metro to have more advanced features than Hyderabad Metro Rail

HyderabadDec 08 2022- The Hyderabad Airport Express Metro project being taken up with an estimated cost of Rs 6,250 crore would have more advanced features than the Hyderabad Metro Rail, said HAML Managing Director NVS Reddy, Managing Director.

Speaking to presspersons here on Thursday, Reddy said the Airport Express Metro Corridor will be 31 km long and taking off from Raidurg Metro terminal station, it will pass through the Biodiversity Junction, Khajaguda road to Nanakramguda junction on to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) till the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad.

“The metro rail line will have both an elevated and underground section, a third flyover will be built for the metro line at the Biodiversity Junction which will then slowly come down to the road level taking up 1km of the path and lead to the underground at the airport stations with a total stretch of 2.5km being underground,” he said.

The present metro rail has a speed of 35km/hour and can go up to 80km/hour at maximum, while the airport metro rail can go up to 120km/hour at maximum. “The 31 km long stretch can be easily covered in just 26 minutes with the coaches being lightweight to increase the speed,” he said.

The frequency of the metro will be eight minutes at peak hours and 20 minutes at non-peak hours and a few years later it is expected to come down to two and a half minutes at peak hours and five minutes at non-peak hours.

The Raidurg station will get the security luggage check-in so that passengers can check in their luggage at the station instead of the airport and the luggage will directly be transferred to the flight. The passengers will be able to use a single smart card for both metros to travel.

The stations as well as the metros will have 360 degrees surveillance cameras in order to make it a safe city, along with smoke and fire detectors. A half-height platform screen door will be installed for the airport metro which will be in sync with the train doors. The stations will have information desks as well as FIDs, a flight information display system to guide the passengers

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