Thursday , September 29 2022

Advocate approaches HRC to stop Big Boss-II

Hyderabad, Aug.24 ): High Court advocate Rapolu Bhasker has approached Human Rights Commission (HRC) urging it to stop telecast of Bigg Boss-2 show immediately.

In his complaint, Bhasker alleged that the organizers of Bigg Boss show confined 16 persons in one house and telecasting their unruly acts, which were t useful to the society. He lamented that the show was destroying the family system while harming the sentiments. He urged the Human Rights Commission to make the organizers of Bigg Boss to stop the telecast of the show, which was making the youth to walk on bad path. He urged the HRC to protect the people and the contestants, who were in detention.

It may be mentioned here that STAR MAA TV was telecasting the Bigg Boss-2 program every day and was a huge success in terms of TRP ratings. Crores of people were  only watching the show but also they were indulging in casting vote to the contestants’ performance to protect them from elimination from the house.  Eminent cine hero Nani was acting as the anchor to the Bigg Boss-2 show. It may also be mentioned here that Junior NTR acted as anchor to the Bigg Boss-1 show last year.

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