Thursday , May 19 2022

Vikram masterminded firing drama to force father for money: IO

Hyderabad,  The police came to a conclusion that Vikram Goud enacted firing drama for the sake of money.

According to police, Vikram Goud enacted firing drama to frighten his father former Minister Mukesh Goud for money and to escape from the financiers. On Tuesday, the police questioned the arrested three culprits of Anantapur and asked them about the pistol used in firing. They told the police that they threw it in Shaikpet tank. The police took the culprits to Shaikpet tank and conducted search for the pistol.

The police said the firing against Vikram Goud took place with perfect plan. They planned the firing drama after 2am. The culprits resorted to firing in Vikram’s house thinking that they will be caught if they fired outside the house. The police also identified the culprits who fired at Vikram Goud as Supari Gang leader. The Supari gang members belong to Anantapur.

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