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VHR’s Poser to Kavitha on Injustice to TS

Hyderabad,  Questioning Nizamabad MP K Kavitha, who asked centre to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh state in the Parliament recently, to tell whether she was not in a position to see the injustice meted out to Telangana state, Congress senior leader V Hanumantha Rao said that Kavitha failed to remember the assurances—Bayyaram Steel Factory, IIM and the division of High Court to Telangana state, mentioned in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act. He alleged that the secrets of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao are with  the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hence KCR was not questioning the centre.
Speaking to the media here on Saturday, VH alleged that the TRS government did nothing for development of Hyderabad city. The state government was spending the taxes collected in Hyderabad on Mission Bhagiratha project. He alleged that Chandrasekhar Rao was destroying the Hyderabad city. The Municipal Administration Minister KT Ramarao is  taking decisions unilaterally while making corporators as dummies. Finding fault with KTR, VH advised him to work more and talk less. The then Congress government did justice to all sections and regions, he said and ridiculed TRS leaders saying that the people  understood that they cast their vote to donkeys.
The BC, SC Study Circle students felicitated VH at Gandhi Bhavan today. Speaking on the occasion, VH said that he would launch  a movement wherever injustice was done. The corruption took place in BC, SC study circles and there was no adequate teaching staff too, he observed. He demanded the state government to provide laptops to the students and he found fault with the director for sending the students out by saying that the duration was over after one and half year. “I question the Study Circle authorities and state government on the injustice done to the students. The Congress would stand by the students. The government has to provide facilities to the students. The students, who stayed in Study Circle, have to get good positions and serve the poor”, he said.

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