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TRS-MIM honeymooning turns Hyderabad into terrorists’ haven: Kishan Reddy


Hyderabad, April 21 (PMI): In the wake of the arrest of three people in Hyderabad and a woman of Wardha in Maharashtra by the NIA on April 20, Telangana State BJP leader and former MLA G Kishan Reddy today  appealed to the State government to wake up from deep slumber and act decisively to weed out all the terror modules from the State. “Saturday’s episode was eye-opener as it reveals that ISIS has been active in terms of indoctrination of the innocent youth and it could be tackled only by proactive engagements with terror and all its sources, he said.

The BJP leader said once again it was demonstrated clearly that certain youth of Hyderabad and some specific areas in Telangana have been the target of International terror groups, particularly the ISIS. However, it was unfortunate that State government, despite prior in-puts from the Intelligence agencies, had not been able to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.

“The BJP has every reason to construe that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao was buckling under pressure from the AIMIM and hasn’t been doing anything to pre-empt the moves of the international terror organizations. For many years, Hyderabad-connection has been a constant factor in all the major terror incidents across the globe and many parts of the country. Under the circumstances, any government which has concern for the safety and security of its citizens is expected to be more vigilant but the numbness of the KCR government with respect to initiatives towards fighting terror modules has been baffling. The NIA officials and the personnel deserve all compliments for their alertness and their ability to identity and neutralize terror modules”, Kishan Reddy said.

“When BJP proposed NRC at national level, KCR had stated it was meant to isolate people from a particular community. It is condemnable that a move meant for security of the nation is viewed from religious prism. The BJP has been demanding that Rohingya Muslim camps have become havens for anti-national activity but this government never bothers. The BJP has also been demanding that all those who are living illegally in Telangana must be identified and deported”,  Kishan Reddy added.

In the wake of the incidents that have unfolded on Saturday and in appreciation of the fact that Hyderabad and Telangana have become safe havens for people with propensities for terror, the BJP leader appealed to the TRS government to act firmly against all those who are abetting terror directly or indirectly. (PMI)

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