Sunday , April 11 2021


Hyderabad, Oct.24 (PMI): Ruling TRS candidate S Saidi Reddy, who won  the Huzurnagar Assembly seat in the by-election with a huge majority of 43,233 votes, broke the earlier record of 29,194 majority got by his rival Uttam Kumar Reddy in the earlier election.  The TRS wrested the seat from Congress with a huge majority.

Following the announcement of the election result, many sections opined that the people are totally with the TRS and the Chief Minister KCR, and the loud declarations of Congress leaders like Komatireddy Venkat Reddy that four crore people of the State are with the party on the issue of merger of the State RTC with the Government and the other demands of the RTC employees JAC are nothing but hallow. Some   sections of the people feel that merger of RTC with Government will result in increased inefficiency and corruption and decrease in service to the commuters.   The Congress leaders bluff was called by the people and it was total humiliation for the party, whose candidate could not get even 35 per cent of the total votes polled, forget about state wide support for them.

            The Congress leaders, as also the BJP and TDP leaders have made several allegations against the Chief Minister and said that he was hatching a conspiracy to grab the  assets of RTC  or to sell them  away  his supporters and family members.  From the BJP side, eve n the Union Minister of State G Kishen Reddy charged the TRS Government and KCR with failure to implement some of the Central schemes in the State, though they were meant for welfare of the people, particularly the weaker sections.  Now, the Huzurnagar poll result clearly indicates that the people have not believed all these allegations against KCR and the Government.

            Commenting on the poll outcome, political analysts expressed the view that apart from the welfare schemes introduced by the TRS Government, the Chief Minister inducting two women Ministers had also helped the party’s prospects in Huzurnagar.  There is a view that the induction of Satyavathi Rathod in to the Ministry, and the vigorous campaign she had undertaken in the constituency, has earned the votes of women as well as the tribal people in the by-election. Along with other Ministers and party leaders, Rathod had not only effectively countered the attacks launched by the Congress and other opposition parties during the electioneering, but also efficiently propagated the welfare schemes of the Government.  Some sections opined that had the Chief Minister included women in his Cabinet much earlier, Uttam Kumar Reddy would not have the Nalgonda Lok Sabha seat. All said and done, the poll result showed that the people are with TRs and KCR.

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