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SUCCESSFUL END OF ‘SHIA SIT-IN’ AFTER 13 DAYS Pakistan admits detention of thousands of missing persons AGENCIES ASSURES TO RELEASE ALL ABDUCTEES

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WASHINGTON/MELBOURNE/KARACHI: After absolute assurance of ‘high authorities’ to the organizers of the sit-in of thousands of family and society members those were gathered in-front of the Pakistani President Dr Arif Alvi’s House situated in Karachi against hundreds of ‘unexpected missing, enforced disappearance, disbelieving abduction, dishonest detention, unethical misplaced, immoral departure, unconstitutional seizer and anti-Islamic vanishing of the world most peaceful, decent and oppressed Shia community and following the release of three abductees (those were disappeared since last three to four years) as ‘dependableness gesture’, a successful sit-in was ended late yesterday night peacefully, participants, arrangers, sufferers, social media, agencies and sources claimed.

“The place where the 83 percent print and electronic media of the county in the hand of anti-Shia forces, the majority of the nation totally against the Shia community, four neighbouring, 37 Islamic and 155 non-Islamic or secular countries are either enemy of Shias or have no concerned with them while the rest of the world regularly enjoys on the oppression, killings and abductions of Shias is known as Pakistan where who will poultice on the ‘state-created wounds’ of injured Shias? Who will compensate unbearable loses of Shias? Who will stop these types of oppressive practices? What is the solution to this world most sensitive issue? And who will take the action against cruelty over Shias under the supervision of the government, rather than denying, arguing and opposing by some national and ‘foreign decision makers’ including UNO, ISAF, OIC, EEC, NATO, especially ‘pundits, intellectuals and narrow-minded’ of ‘so-called civilized countries’ about the facts which have not only been proved after the assurance of ‘state’ that all abductees are in the custody of different Pakistani agencies and they would either be released or present before the concerned courts of law soon but also accepted, flashed, confirmed and admitted by the statements of ‘agencies’ and arbitrators themselves during the negotiations, discussions, consultations and mediations on different occasions in the last 13 days, sources further claimed.

On the other hand, the only journalist of the world whose exclusive reports regarding enforced disappearance of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Shia target killings and elite coverage of above sit-in during the entire period which published, highlighted, flashed and on-aired under the titles of Pak media’s blackout enters 13th day against Shia sit-in,Brutal crackdown against ‘anti-enforced disappearance sit-in’ members, Amnesty International issues report on ‘enforced disappearances’ in Pakistan, Sit-in enters 3rd-day in-front of Pakistani President’s house,Thousands stage sit-in outside Pakistani President’s house in Karachi and many other headings by Press Media of India (PMI) and Noorain India, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) London, Press Reader and Messenger Pakistan etcetera but neither Pakistan was concerned or took any notice with any of above or other media outlet of Pakistan nor the world except India. Pakistan was only concerned and worried about the news published in Indian media, the ‘agencies’ as well as Pak government could not digest that why and how Indian media is being published and on-aired above news and who is the journalist that covers and files this news and at last Pakistan issued orders against the concerned journalist.

The above media groups are shocked, surprised and astonished to hear that not only  the concerned journalist’s name stands on the top of the list of ‘agencies’ to shoot on site but ‘state’ has also issued his ‘hidden death warrant’ just because of his journalistic contribution, sources concluded.

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