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Saying Guv’s address full of lies, BJP men walk out

Hyderabad, March.12 ( Najaf ali shoukat  PMI): Alleging that the Governor’s speech was full of lies, the BJP members today boycotted the Governor’s speech in the Telangana State Assembly here.
When the Governor began his speech on the first day of Assembly session, Opposition members expressed their discontent on the speech. Later, the BJP members boycotted when the Governor was reading out his speech and left.
Speaking on the occasion, party floor leader G Kishan Reddy said, “We are not able to tolerate the lies of the State government. He alleged that the government was making the Governor to read the same speech which he has been reading out for the last four years. There was nothing mentioned about farmers suicides, unemployment in the Governor’s speech. The Governor also did not mention about the Chief Minister not attending the Secretariat, Kishan Reddy said.
The BJP State president Dr K Laxman alleged that the State government was making the Governor to speak lies. He accused the TRS government of failure on all fronts. He lamented that KCR did not keep his word of making a Dalit as chief minister and failed to fulfil providing three acre land to SCs and STs. The government failed to implement B sub-plan. We have boycotted the Governor’s speech as we are unable to hear the lies of the government, Laxman alleged. (PMI)

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