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Sayeed Shaheedi centenary celebration held at Hyderabad

By Syed Hussain Ali Sajjad

Hyderabad Jan 23 (PMI): A four day Sayeed Shaheedi centenary celebrations Jashn-e-Sayeed was organized by Bazme Sayeed from 19th to 22nd January in the city to pay homage to Sayeed- ul- Shoara late Sayeed Shaheedi.

Inaugural program commenced with Majlis-e-Azza Barae Esale Sawab for late Sayeed Shaheedi on 19th January at Baitul Qayam Purani Haveli Hyderabad which was addressed by Moulana Abid Bilgrami.

Majlis-e-Musaalema was conducted on 20th January at Dewdi Nawab Inayat Jung, Purani Haveli in which Sayeed Shaheedi’s CD of Karbalai Poetry was released.

Editor Siasat Urdu Daily Zahid Ali Khan released “Janab Sayeed Shaheedi’s By Memorabilia” a book on the life and poetry of Sayeed Shaheedi in a Ceremony held

at Turab Ali Khan Bhavan Western Block Salarjung Museum on 21st January in the afternoon. Paying tribute to the late poet, Zahid Ali khan heaped praise on Sayeed Shaheedi’s outstanding work on Ghazal’s and felt proud to have published them in his newspaper. While Ghazal’s and Nazam’s formed only quarter of his works where as he has dedicated his whole life in saying poetry in praise of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.A.S) and his Ahlaebait (A.S).  It was deplorable that none of the speakers spoke about his divine service to Islam by his poetry in the form of Naat, Manqabat, Salaam, Marsia’s and Nouhas.

While, in the evening All India Mushaira was held in memory of Sayeed Shaheedi at Urdu Hall Himayat Nagar in which native and International poets participated and was presided over by revered poet Muztar Majaaz.

on the conclusion of the centenary celebration, All India Maqaseda was held at Dewdi Inayat Jung Purani Haveli on 22nd January in which a DVD of Late Sayeed Shaheedi’s collection of Manqabati poetry was released by Moulana Syed Luqman Hussain Moosvi (Imame Jamat Masjid-e-Noorul Umra), Dr Taqi Abedi, Moulana Aijaz Farruq and Moulana Abid Bilgrami also addressed the gathering. (press Media of India)

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