Friday , September 30 2022

PM Modi Calls Presidential Election 2017 ‘Historic’, Appeals Lawmakers to ‘Not to Waste a Single Vote’

New Delhi, July 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called the Presidential elections, scheduled for Monday, historic. The Prime Minister using social media said that this is the first time that none of the two factions have made unreasonable argumentation against each other’s candidates and appealed the lawmakers to not waste a single vote.

The Prime Minister took to micro-blogging site Twitter to spread this message of the poll which takes place on July 17, that is Monday. Modi talked of how this attitude of the parties showed that Indian democracy is matured one. Furthermore, he also emphasised on how not a single vote should be wasted to make the election on Monday historic.

In a series of tweets PM Modi said that perhaps this is the first time that none of the parties involved have trash talked about the other party’s candidate and said that this makes the Presidential Election 2017 historic.

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