Friday , September 30 2022

‘Nalgonda leaders ruined Congress chances of retaining power in 2014’

Hyderabad : Whether the Congress leaders from other districts were not happy with the erstwhile Nalgonda district Congress leaders? It seems true that the Congress leaders from other districts were not at all happy with the behaviour of Nalgonda district leaders.

A senior party leader from North Telangana district openly expressed his unhappiness over all the Nalgonda district leaders on Saturday. He said just because of Nalgonda district leaders, the Congress had lost a good chance of winning 2014 elections. It was because of the Nalgonda district leaders’ selfish attitude, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao didn’t merge his party into Congress party. The party had lost a golden chance of coming to power in the newly-formed Telangana State because of Nalgonda district Congress party leaders in 2014 elections.

He said Nalgonda district leaders competitively expected Chief Minister post before assessing the then situation before 2014 elections. He said Nalgonda district leaders objected to KCR’s candidature for chief minister post. “What was wrong if KCR becomes Chief Minister from Congress party”, he questioned and said the Congress would have got more Lok Sabha seats then and the situation could not have worsened like now.

    “Party interests are more important than personal interests”, he opined and lamented that again the leaders from erstwhile Nalgonda district were destroying the party interests now by criticizing each other. He said Nalgonda district leaders influenced then AICC general secretary in-charge Digvijaya Singh in 2014 resulting in party debacle in that election. “Ponnala Laxmaiah failed to influence the AICC leaders though he was PCC Chief. Only Nalgonda district leaders influenced AICC”, he said, adding that all Nalgonda district Congress leaders were his good friends and has no grudge against them but his interest was ultimately the welfare of Party and farmers.

The senior Congress leader said at least now the party leaders, whoever it may be, have to assess the prevailing situation and move forward for good of the party. Otherwise, the party’s interests will be affected, he said and made it clear that he was least bothered about who becomes next Chief Minister and he wants the party winning more Parliament seats which may help the party in all aspects in future.

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