Friday , September 30 2022

Land survey: Shabbir demands all-party meet & Special Assembly session

Hyderabad : Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council   Mohammed Ali Shabbir today said the land survey proposed by the TRS government was unconstitutional and undemocratic and emerged as a ruling  party’s affair  due to involvement of TRS MLAs and party workers at every stage of land survey process, thereby  exposing the designs of the KCR regime ahead of the 2019 elections .

Speaking at the Assembly Media Point  on Monday along with Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, Deputy  leader TSLC,  the LOP  demanded that  Govt should  immediately call for an all party meeting and also a special session of the Telangana assembly to formulate the modalities and  procedures of the land survey. The copies of the Integrated family Survey (Samgraha Kutumba Survey) should be made public and also circulated among Opposition MLAs , MLCs and MPs. He wanted  that   the government involve all-party leaders, including Opposition MLAs even though  the committees are chaired by TRS ministers.

“Why only TRS legislators and MPs are involved and not the Opposition leaders. Is a  survey conducted by Telangana government or the TRS party”? he asked and said during 1993-94 then Chief Minister K Vijaya bashar Reddy had also conducted a comprehensive land survey in the entire AP and a record  4.5 lakh acres of the poor were  regularized and patta pass books  were granted. How it is possible to make survey within 10 days of 1.20 crore farmers lands?, he asked.

            Responding to a question on KCR pronouncement of winning 100 MLA seats in 2019 polls, the LOP said that  it was nothing but the Goebbels  campaign . ‘ KCR is well aware of the fact that 90 percent of his MLAs including those who defected from Congress and other parties are unhappy and disgruntled over  family rule in party and Govt and they may not get  tickets in 2019.

KCR has sensed the political polarization and also the heartburn among seniors and defectors, that is why he has launched a publicity drive that the party would bear the election expenses of all  and the  party would win  the  2019 polls hands down in over 100 seats  he said . ‘ I am sure people and the politicians ( seniors and defectors  in TRS) are intelligent enough to see through the mind game of KCR and save themselves from humiliation and political end game “, the 90 % of the seating MLAs and MP will not get the ticket to contest”   he cautioned.

P. Sudhakar Reddy charged the TRS government with neglecting tribal welfare. It is a mind  game played by KCR  to ensure that all people  are kept busy with the land survey alone by diluting other welfare schemes, he alleged .

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