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KCR Invincible Hero of Telangana — Cong, TDP, TJS, BJP Badly Mauled

Hyderabad, Dec.11 – The TRS enjoys the support of vast majority of people of Telangana State, while the Congress, TDP, TJS and BJP are not trusted by the people. KCR has won a place in the hearts of the masses because of the welfare schemes and monumental development programs he had launched during his rule, though he failed to fulfill some of the promises made to the people on the eve of the last elections. These are the indications that have come out clearly when the election results were announced today.

The poll results show that the TRS has bagged a record number of seats, out of a total of 119 Assembly constituencies, and this would enable the party to form the Government comfortably on its own. Apart from the seats the party got, it could depend on the support of the AIMIM members also, to run   the Government.

            The four Opposition parties that formed the Praja Front –Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI –  were totally routed, though their leaders had campaigned vigorously and leveled many charges against the TRS Government and more particularly the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, with a view to create an adverse impression about the party and its leader among the people of the State.  Not only that, the leaders of these parties, including the National leaders of the Congress,  the TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, as also the BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a number of Union Ministers and party National president Amit Shah  have repeatedly trumpeted that there was a family rule in Telangana; that it failed to  fulfill the promises made to the people, the only four members of KCR’s family were benefited, but the common man was not benefited by the Government programs, that KCR had built a house at a cost of Rs 300 crore for himself, while forgetting about double bed room houses for the poor, that KCR is anti-women and that was why he had not included a woman in his cabinet, and the like. These leaders distorted the facts to mislead the people and win their support.

The BJP top-brass had also mounted a scathing attack on KCR and TRS saying that the Government had failed to utilize the funds sanctioned by the Centre and also that KCR and the Ministers have swallowed thousands of crores of funds.

These leaders also made every effort to downplay the achievements of the TRS Government, the number of welfare programs taken up by it and the lakhs of people, including women, benefited by the same. On top of all these, the Opposition parties have also promised that milk and honey would flow in the State, if they are voted to power, and made many promises to the people, solely with the intention of defeating the TRS by luring the people and win the elections.

            Now, the poll results made it abundantly clear that the people have lost faith in the Congress, TDP, TJS and other parties, and they were fully satisfied with the functioning of the TRS Government, and it would be better to give one more chance to it, so that it could fulfill the promises made. It may be recalled that the people of the State were fully aware about the performance of the earlier Congress and TDP Governments in the united Andhra Pradesh, and how the Telangana region was totally neglected and subjected to injustices and insults by the rulers of Andhra and how the leaders of Telangana remained mute spectators, without raising their voice against the injustices meted out to the region. The election result is a Victory for the people of Telangana !!!     (PMI)

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