Wednesday , October 5 2022

KCR gives free hand to Akun to crush drug menace & not to spare anyone

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has taken a serious view of the magnitude of the drug mafia’s vicious operation that has triggered off panic and concern among the denizens and wanted the concerned authorities to root out the menace with an iron hand and not to spare any one, however big or influential they may be.

The Chief Minister called Akun Sabharwal on phone this morning and gave him a free hand in dealing with the dreaded menace. He directed him to take all needed measures to bring to book all those involved and assured full support and cooperation in this regard. He also wanted that the names of all those involved in the racket be revealed. KCR also advised Akun Sabharwal, who is heading the investigation, to cancel his leave as it was imperative for him to be at the helm of affairs in dealing with the crisis firmly and ensure its logical conclusion. Thus, on the advice of the Chief Minister, Akun Sabharwal postponed his going on leave.

Soon after canceling his leave, Akun Sabharwal stepped up the probe into the drug racket by holding high-level meetings with the SIT Team. He also held a conference with the Chief of the Narcotics Bureau of the three southern States besides that of Delhi. The meeting with the Narcotic authorities was to identify the source of drug supplies from different parts of the country and also from abroad. The SIT seemed to be now concentrating on not only weeding out the source of supply but also identity the routes through which the drugs are being smuggled into the city.

The SIT, which has stepped up its investigation into the drug racket, has arrested one more drug peddler taking the total number of those arrested so far to 14. The peddler was picket from AC Guards area and large quantities of narcotic substances seized. The SIT also has taken into their custody for two days Calvin Mascarenhas, the king pin of the drug mafia, and his two associates Mohd Quddus and Abdul Wahab, for further interrogation. All the three were brought from Charlapalli Jail and taken to the SIT office and are now being questioned.

Meanwhile, Calvin’s father Jawahar had confessed that his son had become a drug addict and wanted the investigating authorities to identify and weed out the drug suppliers.

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