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KCR Directs Officials on Land Litigations

Hyderabad,  Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to settle land litigation pertaining to Kasulapally, Gopayya Pally, Palitham villages in Peddapally mandal.

MLA Manohar Reddy brought to the notice of the CM about land litigation of 462 acres in Kasulapally, Gopayya Pally and Palitham villages under Pedapalli mandal. The MLA met the CM at Pragati Bhavan on Sunday and informed him that villages came up on the disputed land, schools were set up, roads were laid and farmers are cultivating the land. Prior to 1950s, the land was officially identified as the Endowments property according to the official records. The officials who conducted Land record purification programme in the villages have also could not establish the land ownership rights.

Though the records state it was an endowments land, on the ground, there are villages, schools, roads and other infrastructure and farmers are also cultivating the lands. Hence the officials could not establish the rights and wanted to take it up under part B Programme. This is resulting in farmers getting any ownership rights over the land.  The MLA said the farmers are cultivating the land for many decades and their names are there in the Kaasthu. They should be given the ownership rights. The CM has positively responded to the request and instructed officials to solve the issue and restore land rights to the farmers since their names are there in Kaasthu.

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