Wednesday , October 5 2022

Havy Bandobast in Old city

Hyderabad : As per Deputy commissioner of police Southzone Sri.V.Satyanarayana IPS 4000 police forces will be deployed on the occasion of Bonalu & procession…..2000 special forces will be deployed among them 15 platoons of TSSP, 2 Companies of RAF, 2 platoons of Lady home guard’s and other forces…..2000 will be from Hyderabad city police among them 5 Add.DCP’s,10 DSP’s,10 ACP’s,70 Inspectors,150 Sub-inspectors and other PC’s……Add.CP crimes Smt.Swathi lakra IPS & Sri.Shiva Prasad IPS will be the Incharge for Southzone……There are 126 temples overall in Southzone among them 25 major temples who together will start major procession of Bonalu from Akana Madanna temple…..300 CCTV among them high definition cameras will be  covering the procession on 17.07.2017…….Bonalu to start from 16.07.2017 12 am onwards where Womens will be offering Bonalu to various temples and Baligampa……DCP South Sri.V.Satyanarayana IPS and Add.DCP Sri.K.Baburao along with Southzone Police will be looking after the security arrangements tonight

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