Wednesday , October 5 2022

“Fake Baba” arrested in city for cheating people

Hyderabad, The SR Nagar police today took into custody a fake Baba, who gives and impression that he was an expert in hypnotism. Throwing a challenge in the name of a campaign ‘First time open Challenge in Hyderabad’, the fake Baba was fooling the people by opening a clinic in Ameerpet.

According to SR Nagar SI Rajender Goud, Irfan (35), a native of Pathaka chabutra, Doulana mandal in Uttar Pradesh, came to Hyderabad a year ago and was staying at Nampally along with his family. He opened a shop near KVR Enclave, Ameerpet in the name of ‘Sufi Alladin Ajmeervale Baba’ and started his activities. He also telecast an advertisement in local channels saying that he was an expert in hypnotism. He also published pamphlets saying that he will solve all problems.

He resorted to campaign that it was the first time in Hyderabad and it was an open challenge to all. Several innocent people used to meet him every day and paying amounts what he demanded. One has to get the appointment of the fake Baba by meeting the receptionist in his shop. A woman from Kummari basthi of Musheerabad met Baba 15 days ago and said she was facing disturbances with her husband. She further said her marriage took place nine years ago and she had two children. She said friction was taking place between her and her husband every day. There was no peace in the house with the friction.

She asked Baba to clear her problem. Baba said a devil was moving in her house and needed Rs 60,000 to send the devil from the house. She bargained to pay Rs.50, 000 and paid Rs.30, 000 as first installment. He gave some herbs and “thayethulu” to her and directed her to put them under the pillow of her husband every day and said that her husband will listen to her from then onwards.

She paid Rs.15, 000 and Rs. 5,000 to Baba later. She followed Baba’s instructions but there was no change in her husband’s behavior. More so, friction between her and her husband increased. She informed Baba about her problem again. In response, Baba asked her to stay along with him and behaved vulgarly. Shocked at Baba’s behavior, she approached the SR Nagar police. The police filed a case and arrested Irfan and seized herbs and other goods from his shop and sent him to judicial remand.

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